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  1. New to forums......
  2. What about Russia?
  3. Live Howard Stern
  4. error syncing to COREtalk
  5. Any listeners actually use the forums?
  6. Loving the Howard Stern Stream
  7. Sirius
  8. Howard Stern
  9. cant listen to stern..says forbidden please help me
  10. Hello Crystal ONE!
  11. {Weekly Rant 12-2-05} Guys obessed with Lesbians
  12. Weekly Rant: 12/13/05:"Current State of Internet Radio”
  13. Weekly Rant: 12/23/05:"Ampcast is shutting down”
  14. Weekly Rant: 12/30/05:"Another Black Eye for bodybuilding”
  15. newbee needs the scoop
  16. Weekly Rant: 1/1/06:{Special Guest Rant}:Mike Tyson's Place in History
  17. How do I subscribe?
  18. Weekly Rant{1/30/06} The Return of TalkJockeys?
  19. Will Howard100 be back?
  20. {Weekly Rant 2-20-06} Banning Tag/Dodgeball/Running in Gym Class Football
  21. Weekly Rant{2/27/06} “The Roth Experiment is a failure!”
  22. Weekly Rant: 3/10/06 "CBS ratings are down..Let's sue Howie!"
  23. Weekly Rant: 3/20/06:"O and A coming for Stern”
  24. Weekly Rant: 3/27/06:{Condi is a coon}
  25. Weekly Rant: 4/16/06:{O and A are coming for Stern's Throat}
  26. Weekly Rant: 5/14/06 O and A/Lykis to Sirius/DJ's Peeing on Kids/Jigg News
  27. Weekly Rant: 5/15/06 Urban DJ Situation
  28. "controversial" radio{From All Access.com}
  29. Weekly Rant: 5/21/06=Audio issues Pt1
  30. Weekly Rant: 5/21/06 Audio Issues Pt2
  31. The Iraq Prisoner Scandal/Berg Beheading
  32. The Weekly Rant: Why Liberal Radio will Fail?
  33. The Weekly Rant:"The outright dismissle...errr...retirement of A radio legend"{Feb. 1
  34. Weekly Rant: 6/5/06-How the Audience changed over the years
  35. Weekly Rant: 6/10/06-Topic: Roids in Sports
  36. Weekly Rant: 6/18/06-Billy Boy is on 1st{Online that is}
  37. Weekly Rant: 6/25/06:"Weed”
  38. hi
  39. Weekly Rant: 7/2/06 "Tito and Shamrock 2"
  40. Weekly Rant: 7/9/06
  41. {7/23/06} Kimo out at WFA..but a bigger issue could be here
  42. {7/29/06}Weekly Rant: What can Net Radio do to become a more visible medium?
  43. Weekly Rant: 8/6/06 "Internet Radio...Music Radio failed?"
  44. Weekly Rant: 8/20/06-Opie and Anthony make a return to radio,after killing it?
  45. Weekly Rant: 8/26/06-Why I came back to Live Radio
  46. Weekly Rant: 8/30/06- How the audience has changed over the years
  47. Weekly Rant: 9/18/06- Sinking Ship that is WWE
  48. The Weekly Rant: 10/26/06-The Press is out of controll
  49. Weekly Rant{11/5/06}-The Failure of Net Call in Shows
  50. Weekly Rant: 11/12/06-Democratic power swing..BIG CHANGES!
  51. Weekly Rant{11/19/06}-TNA war on with WWE
  52. The Weekly Rant: 11/26/06 I'm Cosmo Kramer, The ass man
  53. Weekly Rant{12/3/06}-Pod casting Celebrity
  54. Weekly Rant{12/10/06}-The issue, our times and the white gorilla
  55. Weekly Rant: 12/15/06-Who do the Dem's have in 2008
  56. Weekly Rant:12/24/06-Republicans have in 2008?
  57. Weekly Rant: 1/1/07-2006 sucked and here is why
  58. Weekly Rant:{1/7/07} We have lost the drug war
  59. Weekly Rant:1/10/07-I miss my grandma
  60. Weekly Rant:1/10/07-I miss my grandma
  61. <Audio Commentary> 1/17/07 + 1/14/07
  62. <Audio Commentary> 1/14/07
  63. Weekly Rant{1/28/07}: How to do a successful talk show
  64. Weekly Rant{2/4/07} Since October 2006 my life has not been the same
  65. Weekly Rant: 2/12/07-“To hell and back to take it back”
  66. Weekly Rant: 2/18/07: Time away from life
  67. Weekly Rant{3/4/07}-Going back to school and what a mess Colleg. Has been
  68. <Audio Commentary> 3/4/07
  69. Weekly Rant-Bong hits for The higher Power{3/18/07}
  70. Weekly Rant-How to do a successful net radio show{Music wise}
  71. {3-27-07}Weekly Rant: Let's play the game of Monopoly
  72. Weekly Rant{2/18/07}-I miss my Grandma..the aftermath
  73. Weekly Rant{4/15/07}: Don Imus Fired
  74. <Audio Commentary> 4/15/07
  75. Weekly Rant{4/22/07}=“People talking smack on the radio show”
  76. Audio Commentary<4/22/07>
  77. Audio Commentary<5/06/07>
  78. Weekly Rant{5/6/07}-“Everyone is getting tossed”
  79. Audio Commentary<5/13/07>
  80. Weekly Rant{5/13/07}- JV and Elvis is OUT and O and A could be NEXT!
  81. Weekly Rant: 5/20/07- The crackdown continues but with a twist
  82. Audio Commentary<5/20/07>
  83. Weekly Rant: Super Diseases{5/27/07}
  84. Weekly Rant: CBS Radio is in trouble{6/3/07}
  85. Weekly Rant: 6/10/07 “Paris Hilton in jail”
  86. {6/17/07}Weekly Rant: Black Eye for WWE
  87. Weekly Rant: 6/24/07-The Zolfoft Case
  88. Weekly Rant: Chris Benoit Dead at 40{6/27/07}
  89. Weekly Rant: 7/7/07-Random gripes
  90. Weekly Rant: 7/15/07 I actively want the UFC to fail
  91. Weekly Rant: 7/22/07- UFC guys and Dead
  92. Weekly Rant: Retiring is an option{8/5/07}
  93. Weekly Rant: 8/12/07-Missed Box-A-Buddy
  94. Weekly Rant: Imus making a comeback{8/19/07}
  95. Weekly Rant{8/26/07}-Brock to the UFC
  96. Weekly Rant: 16 Years and what have we done?{9/9//07}
  97. Weekly Rant: Pride is not dead...yeah right!
  98. Weekly Rant: The BIG FIGHT{9/23/07}
  99. Weekly Rant: 9/30/07-Tito Ortiz Re-signs with UFC{9/30/07}
  100. Weekly Rant: Ware fare Extreme Fighting{10/7/2007}
  101. {10/14/2007}Weekly Rant: UFC loses Randy...again!
  102. Weekly Rant: Randy out and Brock in{10/21/2007}
  103. Weekly Rant{10/28/07-Left wing Loons}
  104. Weekly Rant{11/3/2007} Radio Ramblings
  105. Weekly Rant: 11/30/2007 Embracing the Internet
  106. Weekly Rant: 12/9/07 The Comeback
  107. Weekly Rant: 12/16/2007-Forgiveness in this Country and all the issues it causes
  108. Weekly Rant: Internet Celebs-12/30/2007
  109. Good Luck Chuck
  110. Weekly Rant: 1/6/2008 Ijustine....WHO?
  111. Weekly Rant: 1/13/2008-Democratic picks and misses for 2008
  112. Movie Review: 3:10 to Yuma
  113. Weekly Rant: 1/27/2008 Republicans 2008
  114. Weekly Rant: 2/17/2008-The Most Exciting Political Race in Years
  115. Weekly Rant:{2/24/2008}-HBO and Some Boxing
  116. Weekly Rant: Wrestle mania BLOWS!!!!{3/9/2008}
  117. Weekly Rant:3/30/2008-Weekly Rant: The Youth Vote?
  118. Weekly Rant: MMA Future{3/30/2008}
  119. Weekly Rant: 04/06/2008 Ric Flair's career
  120. Weekly Rant: 4/13/2008: Brand building vs. Star Building
  121. Weekly Rant: 5/25/2008- Mainstream media and me!
  122. Weekly Rant: 1 Year Anniversary. Show and What we have accomplished
  123. Weekly Rant: 7/27/2008 Promoting Brock and Kimbo
  124. Weekly Rant: People with Microphones are Powerful{8/17/2008}
  125. Weekly Rant: 8/24/2008 Obama/Biden 2008
  126. Weekly Rant: 8/31/2008 Maverick and The MILF
  127. Weekly Rant: 9/11/2008 Access Brewing
  128. Weekly Rant:9/14/2008-End of an ERA!
  129. Weekly Rant: 9/24/2008 Time to reflect
  130. Weekly Rant: 10/1/2008 DNC and RNC + 1st Debate over...Where do we go from here?
  131. Weekly Rant: What I regret in 16 years of broadcasting?
  132. Weekly Rant: Obama could win..what if?
  133. Weekly Rant: Joe The Plumber{10/19/2008}
  134. Weekly Rant: 10/29/2008 That Ni*ge* gonna get shot!
  135. Weekly Rant: 2008 Year of The Vote...and it sucks!
  136. Weekly Rant: 2008 Year of The Vote...and it sucks!
  137. Weekly Rant: 11-9-2008 Forced Technology
  138. Weekly Rant: 11/16/2008-Brock screwed it all up!
  139. Weekly Rant:11/26/2008: The Pirates are coming...
  140. Weekly Rant: 11/30/2008-Random Ravings!
  141. Weekly Rant: 12/7/2008-The rumor mill
  142. Weekly Rant: 1/13/2009- December 2008 and 2009 Forecast
  143. Weekly Rant: 1/25/2009: Same Song..Different Verse!
  144. Weekly Rant:2/1/2009-WOW what a week makes?
  145. Weekly Rant: 2/8/2009-Barry and W have no Power!
  146. Weekly Rant: 4/19/2009-Shellgame continues
  147. Weekly Rant: 92.7 and DONE!
  148. Weekly Rant: 5/3/2009 Jiggy Jag in KC!
  149. Weekly Rant: 5/10/2009-Immitating Wrong Thing{5/10/2009}
  150. Please do not play Artie in classic stern channel
  151. Coredmb
  152. Weekly Rant: I with .Promotions!:5/17/2009
  153. Weekly Rant:5/24/2009: The Proposed Cue at Access TV
  154. Weekly Rant: 6/1/2009: Internet Radio has hit it BIG!
  155. The last few weeks I have saw people all over the local radio message boards and hea
  156. Weekly Rant:6/14/2009: What if?
  157. Weekly Rant:7/11/2009: UFC Backlash 100 Look back
  158. Weekly Rant:7/29/2009-KC Cutthroats
  159. Weekly Rant: 7/26/2009: WOW...OH WOW!
  160. Weekly Rant: 7/26/2009: "Babe.."and Jiggy Jag{THE BLOG THAT STARTED IT ALL!}
  161. Weekly Rant: Drama...I do Love the Drama!{8/9/2009}
  162. Weekly Rant: 8/19/2009-Women's Mixed Martial Arts
  163. Weekly Rant: 8/26/2009: Outpacing and The Fake Media
  164. Weekly Rant: 9/2/2009-How to do a successful Newspaper Locally
  165. Weekly Rant: 8/31/2009: Switching it around!
  166. Weekly Rant: 9/17/2009-Random Crap in my Head
  167. {9/20/2009} Weekly Rant: 17 Years On Air
  168. Weekly Rant: 9/27/2009 WAKE THE DEAD FEST AND WHY JIGGY WILL NOT ATTEND{9/30/2009}
  169. Weekly Rant:10/4/2009-Brock Lesner and Shane Carwin
  170. Weekly Rant: 10/18/2009-Newspaper industry in trouble
  171. Weekly Rant: 11/21/2009-When did Halls of Fame and off field activity's become muddy?
  172. Weekly Rant: UFC becoming Boxing and Pro Wrestling{10/28/2009}
  173. Weekly Rant: 11/4/2009: Hulk Signs with TNA Wrestling
  174. 11/11/2009-Weekly Rant: The Running of The Mainstream DJ's!
  175. Weekly Rant: 11/18/2009-When the tough gets going QUIT!
  176. Weekly rant:11-30-2009 Years Being Married
  177. Weekly Rant: 12/9/2009 WWE vs TNA
  178. Weekly Rant: 12/16/2009-2010
  179. Weekly Rant: 12/23/2009-The Band got back together
  180. How do I downld in mp3 format
  181. Weekly Rant: 12/272/009- Why I made peace
  182. Weekly Rant: 2010 Look Ahead
  183. Weekly Rant: 1/18/210-The Late Night Mess
  184. Weekly Rant: 1/24/2010-Ready to Leave
  185. Weekly Rant: 1/31/2010- And U and ur fuckin Website
  186. Weekly Rant: 2/10/2010: Danny Havel we hardly knew ya?
  187. Weekly Rant: 2/7/2010: My life as an open Twitter?
  188. Weekly Rant: I will be at the end{2/24/2010}
  189. Weekly Rant: I don't care about this FUCKING SHOW ANYMORE!
  190. Weekly Rant:3/14/2010-Weekend Rumblings
  191. Weekly Rant: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
  192. Weekly Rant: 3/28/2010-Looking FWD to the WAR
  193. 4/4/2010 The Weekly Rant:The Marysville,Mo Debacle
  194. Weekly Rant: Midget Wrestling Circus{4/11/2010}
  195. Weekly Rant: Gym experience this week{4/18/2010}
  196. Weekly Rant: 4/25/2010-A tale of Demons
  197. The Weekly Rant: 5/2/2010-Local Media Loves Jiggy Jag
  198. The Weekly Rant: 5/9/2010:Back in the spotlight
  199. Weekly Rant:{5/19/2010} The NEW NORMAL?
  200. Weekly Rant: {5/29/2010} WHY HIP HOP?
  201. Weekly Rant: {6/2/2010} FAKE MEDIA BACK!
  202. {6/6/2010} Weekly Rant: Net Radio and why Mainstream can not make it work?
  203. 6/16/2010 Weekly Rant: Everyone's making millions
  204. Weekly Rant: 6/23/2010-The Night of a 1,000 Ex GF
  205. Weekly Rant: 7/4/2010: D Day would never happen!
  206. Weekly Rant: 7/12/2010: Why do they hate me?
  207. Weekly Rant: 7/21/2010: Access TV continues it's war
  208. Weekly Rant: 7/25/2010: Smearing The Jiggy all over the wall!
  209. Weekly Rant: 8/1/2010: Tracey Mann and his Tangled Web
  210. Weekly Rant: 8/11/2010-The Anti Jiggy Campaign worked in REVERSE!
  211. Weekly rant: 8/15/2010-Freedom of Speech is in Danger
  212. Weekly Rant: 8/15/2010-I'm The Boogie man!
  213. Weekly Rant: The Professional Tag{8/25/2010}
  214. Weekly Rant: 9/8/2010 Blackballed in the ICT
  215. Weekly Rant: Marcia and her Lies{9/22/2010}
  216. Weekly Rant:9/19/2010-Why does everyone monitor Me?
  217. Weekly Rant: 10/6/2010-Huge CON!
  218. Weekly Rant: 10/13/2010- 2011 +News=HUGE YEAR!
  219. Weekly Rant: 10/24/2010- Corruption Junction!
  220. Weekly Rant: 11/3/2010-Comparing Media entity's
  221. Weekly Rant:11/14/2010- Remember The Titan
  222. Weekly Rant: 11/21/2010-Stuff that sounds good in Theory
  223. Weekly Rant: 10/6/2010-Reaction from Court Proceeding
  224. {12/5/2010} Weekly Rant: Gotta Give Credit where Credit is due
  225. Weekly Rant: People wanna run me out of town{12/12/2010}
  226. Weekly Rant: Fake magazine guy returns!{12/19/2010}
  227. Weekly Rant: 12/26/2010: Merry Christmas, well it may not be
  228. Weekly Rant: 1/2/2010 The New Boss is the old Boss
  229. Weekly Rant: 1/9/2011-Homeless DJ
  230. Weekly Rant: 1/16/2011-Move to WICHITA KANSAS!
  231. Weekly Rant: 1/23/2011: Entertainment Models that do not WORK!
  232. Weekly Rant: How they can defeat me{1/2/2010}
  233. Weekly Rant: 2/6/2011-UNDER NEW MGMT!
  234. New in town!
  235. Weekly Rant: 2/13/2011-How many people hate you?
  236. The Weekly Rant: 2/27/2011-We are Living in a Nazi State
  237. Weekly Rant: 2/13/2012-My Review of In The Now Magazine
  238. The Weekly Rant: Sheen & Not Heard: 3/6/2011
  239. The Weekly Rant: March 13th 2011-Wisconsin Union downfall of GOP 2012
  240. Weekly Rant: 3/20/2011- Get Gaddafi!
  241. Weekly Rant: 3/27/2011-The Sand People
  242. Weekly Rant: 4/27/2011-People always think I am out to get them
  243. Weekly Rant: 4/28/2011-GOIN AFTER THEM!
  244. Weekly Rant:5/1/2011 The Trump in 2012
  245. Weekly Rant: 5/8/2011-Hater Week Continues
  246. Weekly Rant: 5/15/2011: Internet Radio
  247. 5/22/11-The Weekly Rant: The Salina Homeless issue
  248. Weekly Rant: 5/29/2011-Ed Schultz Apology
  249. Weekly Rant: 6/5/2011-Done with being a Promoter
  250. 6/5/2011 Weekly Rant: They Can't they wont and they don't