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Infiniti8 05-23-2006 01:28 PM

Howard Stern Show podcast for May 23, 2006 (recap)
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"Fuck you fat Artie! Hi Fred." -Crazy Alice</center>

<p>Visit the Howard Stern forums by clicking on <a href="">Howard Stern Discussion</a>, you can go there and post and talk to other fellow listeners and the station staff. If you have anything Howard Stern that you would like to say, feel free to post it there. Enjoy and Ba Ba Boey to ya'll.</p>
<a href="">Here's today's show recap Courtesy of

* Howard's Review Of Oprah's Legend's Ball. 05/23/06. 6:00am
* Gary The Retard Scammed By Jennifer. 05/23/06. 6:15am
* More Legends Ball Clips. 05/23/06. 6:20am
* Underdog Lady On Jimmy Kimmel. 05/23/06. 6:30am
* Who Will Take Siobahn's Virginity? 05/23/06. 6:35am
* Various Audio Clips. 05/23/06. 6:45am
* Acoustic Songs. 05/23/06. 7:00am
* Eric The Midget Calls Katherine McPhee. 05/23/06. 7:10am
* Top 5, Phone Calls And More. 05/23/06. 7:50am
* Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview. 05/23/06. 8:05am
* Andrea 'Miss Howard Stern' Ownbey Visits. 05/23/06. 8:10am
* Fran Drescher Visits. 05/23/06. 9:00am
* Various Stuff. 05/23/06. 9:45am
* Even More Legend's Ball. 05/23/06. 9:55am
* Gary Garver Celebrity Interviews. 05/23/06. 10:00am
* Howard 100 News And Wrap-Up Show Previews. 05/23/06. 10:10am
* Miss Howard Stern Drunk And Back In The Studio. 05/23/06. 10:30am</a>

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