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Old 05-22-2011
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Smile 5/22/11-The Weekly Rant: The Salina Homeless issue

The last 2 weeks have been a little strange in Salina Kansas, which by the way is not saying much. Recently a homeless guy showed up on a bridge in Salina, he setup shop on the bridge. He has been doing drawings on the concrete near and on the bridge. He has been lining his things out over there and having conversations with people on the bridge who have passed by. The newspaper did tons of news coverage on this guy. However in recent weeks, he has been dealt some blows by the city and local businessís I was on the Salina Kansas Sculpture tour yesterday and was astounded by another homeless man who gets no news coverage, he is a local miscreant himself. What's the difference between the 2 guys? Oh yeah, the guy on the bridge getting the problems, is BLACK! So this week in the rant, I plan on talking about homeless black guy and Mr. Citizen of the year, Homeless white guy.

Homeless park people, Yes this exists as odd as it seems there is a guy in the park here town he looks like Santa. This guy has been living the park for as long as I have known. The parks do not allow anyone to be in the park after midnight, however this freak is a resident of the Oak dale park. He goes around town and seems to be a member of the community. When I was on the tour of art on Saturday, this guy was chatting with people about the art. It was people having actual conversations,I hear the love in their voice. So this guy is celebrated and is not a social piranha, he is a homeless super hero.

There is a homeless guy who lives every summer in the park by The Community Theater. He comes and goes and lives there. During the winter, he moves on but like a bird, every spring he returns to his home of the park. He takes baths in the Smokey Hill River, he hangs his clothes to dry on the tree's. He hangs out and lives in the park and does his living there and I am sure he does his bath rooming there as well.

Now onto the black guy on the bridge, wait, guy on the bridge. This guy showed up a few weeks ago and began to hang out and live on the bridge. He has a shopping cart from Dillions and he is basically hanging out on the bridge. He has been hanging out on the bridge just living. So what happens is about 2 weeks go by and the newspapers and other media do storyís on this guy. Dillions takes their cart back from the guy. People are calling the cops and saying he is pan handling and causing issues. They are trying to get this guy to leave and trying to screw with him. Now he has been forced to move down the bridge and live over across the street from an auto sales place.

What is the difference between the guy who lives in the park, that everyone talks to and is a pillar of the homeless community & The guy who is living or was living on the bridge and had his cart taken away and is being shunned by Society? Oh yeah the guy from the park is white and the guy on the bridge is black. I hate playing a race card and can not stand people who do, however in this case it's plane to see. Both guys do not do any damage to their world or our world. However the black guy is being shunned and people want him gone. I never hear anyone trying to boot Santa out of the public park.

My view on this is so simple, because as everyone knows I am a simple man. I have balls to tell this like it is and all. I hate the fact people are homeless and I am glad there are social problems and places for people to get help. I think it's a shame that both of these people live the way they live. However the guy on the bridge gets coverage because he is black guy and he is basically causing a ruckus like Obama is causing a ruckus in the GOP world of thinking. I would hope at some point someone reaches out and helps both of these guys and I am sure they have and will. However as the old saying goes, the lord helps those who help themselves.

Jiggy Jaguar
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