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Old 08-30-2009
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Weekly Rant: 8/31/2009: Switching it around!

This week, we attempted a transition from shock talk or hot talk to Political talk. We have for years off and on wrote about the news and current events in the rant and have spot lighted certain things on the radio program. However recently I noticed that there are certain things we are moving toward and moving away from. For instance on Jiggy Jag TV, we started the program with me and Chris and had bands but also wacky segments,etc. However now we have mostly bands and interviews and it's a music program. Not so much about me, it's about the bands and music. We still do stripper interviews and talk with Bruce or as I know him now as Daniel? {that is a whole new story}. However, let;s get back to this. We have are slowly moving toward a program that features more news and current events. We have Sample Text and slowly but surely a live news program on Cable Access here in Salina.

The beginning of “The Jiggy Jaguar Show”. I wanted to come out here and do a show that I had heard similar to a Howard Stern or a Mancow. I wanted to do shocking things and stunts. We managed to make a lot of ground. We got rave reviews and fans like millions on the internet. We climbed the ranks of Alternacast,etc. And became a HUGE deal online. We slowly but surly picked up stations by the thousands and eventually when Podcasting came in, it blew a lot of them out of the box. I had a lot of issues of the past few years and have become a new junkie, I watch Fox News/MSNBC and listen to talk radio. I have found I have a varied take on things and talk with people about the issues raised by the talking heads on both sides. So I found eventually working in my take on the radio show. So I figured let's go for it. I had also found that local issues became an interest to me. I took a stupid idea of doing a political show and turned it into a pretty widely watched program on Access TV here in Salina.

Alternacast and Lycos talk radio back in the day served as a way to do phone calls,etc. I love the live calls but with internet radio as we know it. A lot of people download it to their Pod or listen later at their own convinced They listen to the music stations but hardly make requests or go to the chat rooms. I have been on the other side of the coin with guests and no entertainment. I have done both, However I find the fun of radio to do the interviews. For one thing most people who call internet shows are mindless idiots. I am sorry to say that but it's true.

I took some time away from radio in 2003/2004 and came back to a whole new world of radio. In which Pod cast guys who have no freaking clue about radio were running things. They were cutting people down who had radio experience and were finding that if they networked with the other jack legs who had no talent and thought they were big deals, they could get somewhere. I figured why not do like I had done in 2000 and make another path. So I set out on doing the one thing that I had toyed with in 2000. Syndication, I figured there were some stations left who needed programming and hell why not take my show. Within a few months of phone calls and e-mails,etc. I ended up with 50+ stations and my close friend Frank Cotolo did a test one day and found that at one time within 24-7, you could hear my voice somewhere online. I loved it and we began to book guests and after finding a great method to record phone calls and do all this. I set out and got some heavy hitters, I had booked William Shatner, I had booked John McCarthy from the UFC, Bob Sapp from MMA world. I was talking to experts from major places like ESPN.

I began to do short audio commentary's for some websites. I found it always had something to do with current affairs and events. I ended up doing my public affairs topics in my syndicated online column. I would work the topics I had saw online and on TV into the radio program. I also saw local cable TV was crap and wanted to put a news show on. I ended up doing a lot during the 2008 election season. Plus I booked some heavy hitters for the radio show. Slowly but surely I was listening to more talk radio and loved and hated what some of them were saying. So I figured why not toss my hat into the ring. So I began to recruit some guests and got some good reaction from the slow shift.

The radio show could become a hybrid of both my news and other views. I still enjoy talking to bands, whether they are unsigned or the biggest bands on the planet. I really do enjoy having the chance to speak with political leaders and strippers and adult film stars. We really are slowly becoming what I wanted this show to be years ago when I started it. Killer production, great guests and once we really blow the doors off this thing, We could do live calls and pack it all into a great show. I know people love both versions of the show. I do not wanna be the next Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern. I just want to do a show that would be entertaining to the masses. I enjoy radio and I tell people all the time, the TV thing and the band performance thing is not my bag. I frankly hate LIVE music and just do the show for the video perspective and interviews. I am starting to like some live music but frankly I would do radio 24-7 and dump the video portion if I could.

Finally I think the new look to the radio show may not be as shocking and may not appeal to the 13 year old boy in all of us. However the way I am slowly become legitimate is quite funny to me and people are starting to get the gimmick. Remember, it's all a con and if you believe the smoke and mirrors, your awesome and if you know the shtick, let's go for it. I know that the fact my wife's brother is in one of the bands we cover for TV, scared the crap out of me the 1st time I heard. Remember the Seinfeld episode where the 2 Georges were colliding Yes I felt that way!

Jiggy Jaguar
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