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Old 09-10-2008
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Weekly Rant: 9/11/2008 Access Brewing

We kick off the rant this week about my time and possible exit from Community Access TV in the rant. Some quick background on this topic, I started about a year or so ago volunteering my time down at Access TV. I took all the classes and got in good with the equipment, I also signed up for any and all chances to volunteering that I could{within my power}. I shot and completed over 60 episodes of The Jiggy Jag TV project. I also started a very successful show “Sample Text” plus I helped introduce Mixed Martial Arts to local TV. Now I also have been back bitten and support has failed on their end several times.

Now we see that we are looking at a possible exit from the stations that I have spent a lot of time helping out, I am out constantly spearing the word of Access to volunteers, venues and being a overall fan of the product. I shoot anything when asked, I have turned in countless segments for local news programs,etc. However recently we have been getting a lot of complaints on the JJTV program. They, being Access TV is in the beginning stages of “Teaching me a lesson”. Now awhile back when our camera man Larry D Trent was suspended, he was attempted to be taught a lesson in the fact you must follow orders and procedures. Larry subverted their BS and got away and learned jack crap. However he has been put on notice. However now, I am being strung up for crimes against Access.

I recently got some complaints from the program,etc. The big thing here is back several months back, I got a complaint and there was a big blow up and I left the station as a volunteer for a few days and even turned it into an angle for the TV program. I went back after all the brew ha ha died down once it was revealed that the complaint was holding no water. However then I had the poss. Of a live Anniv. Show and there was a meeting about the program and people all concerned about useless and stupid comedy bits planned for the live show. I eventually buckled due to some pressure from outside sources and the show went off without a hitch. I still continued to volunteer and help out the company.
Then I was sent some TV programs from The KKK, Now I planned on doing nothing with them, however a simple joke got blown out of proportion and another “Meeting” was scheduled. Now once everything blew over and I was revealed not to be the Grand Wizard of Salina.

The biggest thing here is the fact Access TV requires you to complete a program proposal and you are required to mark if the program is adult content. I always mark the proposal Yes and then once the DVD is turned in, I would assume that this meant it would not air at 9am. However recently a program did air then. I was then told, “I need to label the DVD which is turned in.” Then I find out the PC system they schedule with had it marked Adult content, so basically if you follow 2 things but the 3rd is not followed, “we are throwing the baby out with the bath water?” So with that and the other complaints in mind, we move forward.

Members of the board can not stand me for personal reasons due to other things that do not have anything to do with Access TV. So now that a “Meeting” will be held about me, this group of people have more power to send me on my merry way. However the other day one of the board members spoke with me and thanked me for my work then told me to change my work and work on my work. So basically it was a pat on the back for the hard work, then I got a kick in the pants 10 seconds later with the “thinking of what I need to put on the air” comment. We love your work for us but hate your show is what this person was saying.

Then I get wind that Hollywood Baldwin{the very unsuccessful Baldwin Brother} is gonna lodge a complaint about my production and the TV program with hear say from someone who is not with Access and only watches every once in awhile. So let's step back and look at this? 1, Hollywood did not like my production of the 1 year show. Well he had advance notice not to show up and par take. Then he hated another show I produced later? So now, let's get this down...He volunteered and got burned, so he showed up again and got burned again? Then he has someone tell him the show sucks but no complaint from this other person. Well, hey I to that...Tell your wife I said she's a c*** su**ing, m*** ****ing who**...wait, let's have 3 other people tell her, cause I don;t wanna break the formula we are following by me telling her myself.

I have basically come to the determination that in less than 2 weeks, they are meeting at Access and will be suspending me for awhile if not more. So basically folks, the writing is on the wall and I will be leaving Access on my own or I will be leaving on my own. Either I will be sent on my way as a way to teach me a lesson? Well guess can not fire me if I quit. However regardless, Jiggy Jag TV on Access is slowly but surly coming to an end.
Now my take on all this is simple, I hate to leave this organization I have made a lot of good friends and I have made great friendships with staff and volunteers. I have had a lot of fun at Access and have done a lot of things, I never thought I would do. I never thought I would have a TV show and a audience. I meet people constantly who watch my show and even watch other shows because they have saw my show. I have made a ton of good contacts within Access and outside. Learned a hell of a lot from a ton of people involved here. However I see that the best thing to do is to leave and continue the show somewhere else. There is a few people there, who basically will not stop till I am gone for good and why not just get out early while I am on top. I can end the show the way I want instead of, well I am gone one day and No one knows why?

Finally, I have made good friends, love doing TV and visual medium stuff and gotten a lot of good experiences and have done a hell of a lot to put some new life into Access. I also have done a lot to change some people's minds on a lot of topics. I plan on continuing on with the program, we recently purchased Jiggyjag TV dot Com and will move the show there. I also will not be breaking up the team we have built, Jarrod The Animal Steel, Cousin Chris, “Ninja” Larry and of course other bit players like CW...The Intern,etc. However weather I leave in 2 weeks of being forced out or I leave when my membership is up for the year is the question on the table.

Jiggy Jaguar
Jiggy Jaguar Online
Jiggy Jaguar Radio{2-4pm CNT}
Jiggy Jag TV{Weekly}

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