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Old 01-03-2011
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Red face Weekly Rant: 1/2/2010 The New Boss is the old Boss

I was pleased to see recently my old boss Danny Havel is back in the broadcasting game. Danny was the only man in mainstream broadcasting to see that I actually had talent, however this week we also chat about some other stuff. We recently saw the return of Danny Havel, I always regretted not saying bye bye to Danny before he took off from Central Kansas. Danny was a great guy and I understand from others that he was not such an a hole as he was made out to be. This week we chat about Mr. Havel. Danny did some stuff and was on his way to doing more things before he was silenced by the Miller Family. However Danny also “reportedly” did some crazy crap as well, but hell who does not do that in radio.

Danny Havel as many people know came to Rocking M Radio about the time the place began to go downhill, Havel was credited with starting that slide, however kids, guess what the slide started when Doris and Monte Miller gave the company to their son Christopher. Havel tried his best when he was at RMR, the guy sold a national advertising account, he was on the cutting edge with some cool stuff at the station. Danny and I had many conversations about radio and I liked to think Danny as a friend. We had sort of strained business relationship when his PD, Michael Erb started to well do what Erb does. However I did always want Danny to make it, I always thought he could have made it if the Millers would have backed him, however Pat Foster who was the OM before Havel could have made things work, if the Millers would have gotten the hell out of Pat's way. Danny did a cool sports show and in the beginning we were getting guests and doing things that was freakin awesome, however for some reason, he wanted to turn it into a local sports show, which I secretly believe was not his idea. Remember when 92.7 The ZOO was the #1 station in town and Roxanne,Ken and myself were doing amazing stuff. Then the Millers stepped in and said, nope...Go back to Classic rock only and follow the format. Down to #2 we went and eventually once it flipped to sports, I think McPherson radio beat us, hell a fuzzy signal from Wichita's T-95 beat us.

Danny did some cool stuff with using the idea of no cell phones on remotes, they did streaming. They did some pretty cool stuff, such like we do on the BIGG SHOW with the cameras and Livestream services. Danny got us websites, he may have not set up the websites but hell he brought 92.7 into the future. Danny was the man who came up with the failed idea of putting myself and Brother Ken together for a morning show on Jack Fm. Danny was trying like mad to get somethings going behind the scenes before the rub was pulled out from underneath him. Danny Havel was a guy who worked hard and from what I understood just from talks he did not do well with the transition from Zoo to Fan. Danny did some cool stuff when he was here and regardless of your feelings of the man he did a good job, it's hard to do what he was attempting to do. Some of these clowns around here could learn how to do play by play from this man.

Danny had a hard time here in Salina Kansas, What Danny was attempting to do with replacing a legend and trying to get another to play by the rules was a crazy concept. Danny came into Salina Kansas and was under the impression the Millers were going to give him the ball. Danny found out the same thing that Pat Foster found out, he got the ball for a little bit, but much like Pat, once Danny found some success they yanked the carpet out from under his ass. The thing about Danny was he did the same thing Pat did, he figured out a way to just be successful till he just was gone. Danny tried as much as he could to get things rolling, I wanted Danny to prove everyone wrong and get things going, Danny believed in making young talent, what he has done for James Westling's career and what he did for my radio career at RMR was pretty cool.

Danny checks in here from time to time, I understand from my reports on the website, we have saw some Eugeane Orgeon sightings. He seems to be the only guy in Orgeon that I know. However I hope that Danny saw my recent interview with All Access Radio, I also think it's cool that Danny checks in with us from time to time. I had 1 chat with Danny one time about, I spoke out on a message board about their weather coverage, it was the craziest crap I have ever heard, it was like he was calling me to explain the reason they were not on the air. It was like when Jay and Silent Bob in their movie get the names and go kick ass all over the world on the people that talked crap on them online. It was like that only Danny did not wanna fight me? Danny seemed like he was just plotting along then one day I hear he just bolted.

Danny was reported to have done some crazy crap while he was here, and his other job, I heard he had done some crazy crap as well. However who the hell has not done crazy crap in their job, I remember when I was working at KSKU in Hutchinson, Shane McClintock used to take chicks to the back area and well, he was giving them “tours” to women, believe me KSKU is not that big of a place. I have heard other Gm's have worked for done, some odd things with trades and such. So Danny doing all the crap, he supposedly did, it was not out of the ordinary. Danny was just doing things and happen to get caught or not get caught, who knows and really who cares.

Danny believed in Jiggy Jag and he let me do some cool stuff when he got there, I re-imaged 92.7 The FAN and was working on JACK FM, when The Millers were bitching about the overtime I was getting. I always hated the fact I never got the PD ball after Ken left because for a hell of along time, it was me and Danny and the sales people till Erb got hired as PD. Danny thought eventually me and Ken could have taken 95.5 to the top of the ratings and made some cool things happen. I am not sure what happened there, well I do, However I am not gonna get into it, I will eventually but I know that Danny had a vision. Danny doing what he did letting me book the Boneyard and some of the people I got on, no one else was getting, Roy Jones Jr, Ring of Honor Wrestling,PGA golf pro's,etc. So I do thank Danny for believing in me and giving me the ball. Danny would eventually let me host portions of The Boneyard and do some stuff with maybe getting me my own 1 hr or so Sports talk show.

My View on Danny Havel, Havel blew in as a tornado to Kansas and blew out as quick as he came in. Danny tried to make some HUGE changes very quickly and I always thought if he could have made a slow transition to his vision, he would have been more successful but like Jerry said on a episode of Seinfield, Like a bandaid RIGHT off! Danny came in and tossed the Zoo format to the side, he flipped it to Sports, he took Ken and stuck us together, he flipped the BOB to JACK format, he eventually dumped Ken out which was pretty much the end of my broadcast career at RMR. He then dumped out our office manager thus losing the guy who was making our sales happen. I don't know how he could have done it slowly but it could have been better planned and maybe would have worked.

Finally I understand from chats I had with James Westling,{unless James was f in with me} Danny had some health issues, I refuse to go into here. Danny I always liked the guy and I am glad to see he is back on the air with his new spot in Oregon. Danny had a cool vision and I was sad to see him not pull it off, Danny believed in me and attempted to push me{in the pro wrestling sense} Danny may have done some stuff that was not ethical, however who the heck has not. Danny checks in here and I hope he would reach out to me and check in with me on the horn, believe me he has my #.

Jiggy Jaguar
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