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Old 10-20-2013
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Weekly Rant: 10/20/2013 Amanda Out at ITNOctober 20 2013 at 12:39 PM

I have not occupied this space for a few weeks for one thing or another. However I am back this week and man do I have some damn good news. Someone has made a very good determination in life and that is Amanda Craigg. I have always liked Amanda I know she thinks much like most of Salina Kansas and they believe I am Satan. However I have always felt bad for Amanda, she has tried like mad to take ITN Magazine and make it money making profitable business however recently she made the determination to resign from that circus over there.

I know for most in the local music business and you all know of Amanda wanting to take In The Now Magazine to new levels and I dont know be respectable. Amanda has wanted to make money with the project as well. Amanda takes great photos and from what I have seen in video interviews, she is on her way to doing that well as well. {Yes I wrote that} However Amanda has had to deal with Thommy boys crap of talking trash on bands. Toms ego and his drama with everyone, all I know is something must have finally shoved her over the edge. I even heard that I gave her cell phone out over the air on my Sunday show? I wish someone would have told me that was happening and I would have stopped it. {By the way I did not do this, this is another lie made up by Lamb Chop himself, you know like when he made up the lie about hanging with Nikki Six or something odd.}

Amanda Craigg tried like mad to get something planned for the Hutch fest parade last year but Thommy boy had burned bridges so the local musicians that would have marched did not. Then you have Tom and his odd ball feud with Victims of Spotlight, this has to take the cake. Why would you come and jump on the biggest Metal band in Hutchinson Kansas. Then on top of this, he continues to go after other bands like Burguss from The Samuel Band. I for one have always been on Team Amanda and will continue to support her in efforts if she determines she wants to continue doing media.

Tom Lamb lets get this straight, he has burned bridges so much in the music business he blows them up while still standing on them. He yells and screams about me being a wanna be and then he goes after people like Sean Story. He really should just go the hell away, oh wait he did. Tom has been lying about interviews and making **** up for years. It has finally gotten to folks like Amanda Craigg who realize if I dont get the hell out of this circus my reputation will be ruined. Amanda In reality does not need this clown. In fact the local music community will rally around her if she continues on with a new project and that is something Tom has never had.

Folks for years have been calling for years for her to leave this clown shoe. I had a lengthy convo last evening with my boy Burguss Martin from the Samuel Band and Dominus X last evening about this very same subject. Amanda has never needed Tom, she takes great photos and she does a hell of a job with interviews. She is a nice person and so many people like her, this dolt should have taken advantage of that but he was too busy making surfs up hand signs and looking pissed off in photos. Dude, your meeting Bret Michaels from Poison. Cue the nasty look on my face? Really why would you do that

Here is my view on things, If Amanda needs any help with websites,social media, publishing, hell any publicity contacts or info. I will gladly help her out, and I have told this to folks. I am not that hard to find. I will not ask for details on the split or anything, I will simply provide info. Remember we are in this together. Hell everyone says Tom has all the contacts, hey Lamb chop..Amanda can get those contacts too. What then you will call her a wanna be photographer? Hell she already knows half the local musicians in the world. She could do that full time and not mess with major acts, so she will be fine without ya Thommy boy.

Finally since I know he reads this space every single week, if I have to and believe me I will big man. I will make sure she is bigger than you and I will make it my life mission that she is more respected than you are. Not because of anything other than thinking youre a creep and a wanna be yourself. I said it on social media the other day, Hey Amanda if you need anything do not hesitate not to get a hold of me. We are all friends in the community, even if I am the Joe Dirt of the local industry{which by the way, not sure what the hell that means} the wheels are already off the bus, Tom has made his bed and def. is going to lie or as I should say Lye in it.

Jiggy Jaguar
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