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Old 05-22-2006
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Howard Stern Show podcast for May 22, 2006 (recap)

Today's Show Podcast [ UP ]


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"Fuck you fat Artie! Hi Fred." -Crazy Alice

Visit the Howard Stern forums by clicking on Howard Stern Discussion, you can go there and post and talk to other fellow listeners and the station staff. If you have anything Howard Stern that you would like to say, feel free to post it there. Enjoy and Ba Ba Boey to ya'll.

Here's today's show recap Courtesy of

* Sopranos And Fatty Food. 05/22/06. 6:00am
* Indecency Bill Passed By Senate. 05/22/06. 6:05am
* Artie's Trip To L.A. Discussed. 05/22/06. 6:15am
* Howard's Weekend. 05/22/06. 6:30am
* Eric The Midget To Get Katherine McPhee's Phone Number? 05/22/06. 6:45am
* Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview And More. 05/22/06. 7:05am
* Howard's Goofy Voice And Bubba Vs. Heidi Cortez. 05/22/06. 7:15am
* Howard Stern's Rock And Roll History. 05/22/06. 7:25am
* Eric The Midget Measures His Penis. 05/22/06. 7:35am
* Howard's X-Men Review. 05/22/06. 7:45am
* Riley Martin Song Parodies, Bits And Prank Calls. 05/22/06. 7:50am
* Siobahn To Lose Her Virginity To John? 05/22/06. 8:10am
* Jennifer Steele's Ass Bong. 05/22/06. 8:40am
* Richard Takes A Hit From The Ass Bong. 05/22/06. 8:55am
* Joey G Visits. 05/22/06. 9:20am
* Jim Breuer And Billy Mira Visit. 05/22/06. 9:30am
* John Can't Get It Up For Siobahn. 05/22/06. 10:15am
* And Finally... 05/22/06. 10:55am
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