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Old 11-04-2013
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Exclamation 11/3/2013 Access TV has a new boss, the old boss

The Rant has been silent for a while but I have been watching the Access TV situation in Salina Kansas and I have noticed that this just the same old same old story. Aerosmith said it best, when they put out this song lyric. Let’s look at what we have here; Access TV had an independent investigation launched onto them. Marcia Marcia was the enemy and the world or at least Access TV wanted them out. Then you have the new Executive Director being a replaced with Marnie. I will tell you what really happens here now. What will happen going forward is also something that everyone needs to know?

The Access TV folks were pulled into some problems recently when they did not cover a local political event. Now all the folks down at Access needed to do was send someone to do this event, they did not and then had the issues came when the Salina Journal wrote a few stories on people in town being ticked off to high heaven over this. Then came an Aug 26th Study session, Access board member and apologizer Ed Baldwin brought up Free speech and how Access provides it. We all know this is nonsense and a lie. Now the city said they would launch an indep. Investigation into how Access is run and would help to fix the issues down there.

I did not think the investigation was going to be launched, however word came on October 10th that Marcia Stephenson would be leaving Access TV as the Executive director. She would be taking a brand new job. Marcia is going to be heading out of town and will be moving onto a new adventure. So what do we make of this? Believe me Marcia leaving is a big story but this all damage control. She says that she fully plans on taking advantage of Access resources? Last I knew she did not know how to operate a camera, cause if she did, she should have went down to the event that needed to be covered and cover it so she could still have her spot at Access TV.

So now that Marcia is out, whom do we get to replace her? We could launch a nationwide search? There is a down economy and many good TV people in Public TV and also Commercial TV looking for work, which may not take job years back but would take one now. You also have other former employee’s in the area such as Natasha Behner who would be perfect and could step in and make it work off the bat. Nope, they go out and they bring in Marcia’s second in command, Marnie Rhein. Now Marnie was named the intern ED, so let’s look what happened here. Marnie was appointed at the meeting after Marcia was saying she was leaving? Really does anyone think this is what is going on here?

What really happened here is the city and the City commission went out and knew the town was angry and have been angry with Marcia for a while. Marcia is now being shuffled off to somewhere in the city? She either is going to be given a job at the city where she will be either hidden away from the folks who have been mad at access. Either that or the city will pay out the rest of Marcia’s contract or something till she can find another spot or given another spot. Marnie was given the top spot at Access to put a good face on the company. She will do her best to distance her stuff that Marcia has done and will try to repair the rep by doing nothing more than business as usual.

The Access crew as soon as Marcia was out of the building, the assholes at Access went out and attempted to stop me from attending a pro wrestling event in Salina KS by some backyard wrestling guys. Let me explain this to you folks, I have nothing but respect for the XWF guys in Salina Kansas. Even after I heard some odd ball things went on with Zombie Jonez and his booking that was supposed to take place. However the crew at Access went down and found out I was planning on “attending” the XWF event in Salina KS. They made a bunch of threats and trashed me to the XWF crew, now I hate to admit this. We do our Sunday radio show, LIVE and I was not planning on attending the event. I was not planning on having anyone attend the event; I then heard Zombie’s booking got cancelled. Let me explain something here to Access, because they spy on me 24-7. What happened here is I hit the “attend button” on the Facebook event, because tons of people do it. Access found out about it, then freaked out the XWF guys and made threats and all sorts of trash tactics that an embezzler and her demons would anyway. I hate to say it but you guys got used to be part of the Access war they are trying to re start with me. Also since the XWF guys have threatened to sue me if I mentioned them on this column, I would have your legal folks ready to sue Access TV, when your usefulness is done for them. They will throw you out, much like they have with 10 other people as well. I know one group of Back yard guys that when we bring in Scott Hall,Jake The Snake, and a DDP for a Wrestling seminar in 2014. I guess you guys will not be allowed to show up to the seminar either.

Finally let’s look at the issues here, Access TV and moving forward here. The city of Salina Kansas saw that the citizens were ticked off at the city but knew they could fix this, if they got rid of the embezzler? Hey lets have Marcia leave for a new “Job”, now what happened is either the city moved her to another spot. They moved Marnie into the spot as Access leader, everyone loves Marnie and she will put a good face on the company going forward. She also has seen what Marcia has done and will be better at hiding all the crap that will go on over there moving forward. I am hoping things get fixed but I believe it will be the same old story or the new boss is the old boss.

Jiggy Jaguar
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