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Old 05-13-2012
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Weekly Rant: Why do they pay attention to me?{12/5/2010}

This week we are going to write about a column that was originally slated for December 5th 2010. Why do they pay attention to me, is the question we are asking this week. Now we are going to monitor the way we do things this week. People who monitor us because they are fans of our work. People who monitor me to attempt to bring us down. People who monitor us from afar. People who have to know what we are doing. Then of course people who monitor us so they can complain about us.

People who monitor us so they can complain, We have people such as Willie Parks who have monitored us from the social networking sites and other places because they need to have something to complain about. For instance people like Willie who monitor us because they just have to know what we are up to so they can say, what is that prick getting into events for? What has this guy ever done to get all the perks that he has. What has this clown ever done to get to have his photo taken with that band or that musician. I am not sure why they monitor us and I am not sure why they do it so they can bitch.

People who monitor us because they have to know what we are doing, now this list is so long I can not give you enough names without missing one. For instance we have people who in the past so they can find out where we will be so they can get into that show or make it to the show. They monitor us so they can make sure if they can screw up the interview or prevent the venue from letting us into the event, they can have advance word. I am not sure why these folks pay attention to what we are doing so they can make this happen. However they feel they have to come out and do this, I am not sure if they think they are getting the jump on us or what exactly?

People who monitor us from afar not so they can do what they do. However they monitor us from the social networking sites or they follow us on twitter, no these folks go to our websites and watch all of our videos. People like Chad Allen like Mr. Country Music from Salina Radio, so he can yank his media exclusive card on me. Or you have people like Toad from KSAL who is monitoring us so they can have the jump on something that we are doing. Roxanne used to be one of these folks who come thru and monitor us so she could go in and rat us out to the KSAL end of things. However I find this is such a odd way of monitoring us but I guess let's go as a wise man once said.

People who monitor us because they are fans of our work and genuinely like us as a person. For instance Frank Cotolo my close personal long time friend monitors us. Frank loves and is entertained by our work from our interviews to videos to such things. Ken Scates my old Boss Brother Ken who monitors us because we have some good work. Brother Ken likes what we do and wants to keep track of.our work and is fans. However we have someone pays attention to us because they like our work and want to be brought up to date on our other stuff coming whether it's videos,etc.

People who monitor me to attempt to bring me down such as Ed Baldwin who was assigned by Access TV to keep track of us. Marcia Stephenson from Access TV used all these things to make sure she was on top of everything we did, even down to the key words she kept track of us advertising her name in the key words to you tube videos. They track and keep track of anything and everything they want and can so they can find a hole in our platform so they could break us down. For instance Ed Baldwin when he took me to court, he had copies of My weekly rant column from every single spot it was published, it was the same piece but he had copies from every website that is appears on.

My View on all this is simple, If you keep track of me cool. If you keep track of everything I am doing and have done. That is cool, I just can not understand that people who keep track of us so they can spy on what we are doing. Really? Your that obsessed with everything that I am doing? I am glad whenever anyone pays attention to us whether it's people who like us or are watching us to bitch about us. Thatís cool, I love to live by the theory that if your paying attention to me, then your leaving some other poor jackass alone.

Jiggy Jaguar
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