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Old 05-26-2012
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Thumbs up Weekly Rant: 5/13/2012-Cold War goes Nuclear

Wow what a difference 5 months make? Yes if you browsed the social sites this week, you will notice that apparently our pal “The Groupie” is back to her old tricks. Apparently the cold war folks has indeed gone nuclear. What am I talking about, who else but my pal “The Sinful Sister”. Now your sitting there saying, huh? Well I think from what I can tell, I have a decent relationship with Ashley Sinful of the Sinful Sisters. She's involved with one of my pals from Salina Kansas and she & I seem to be buddy’s on one of the social sites and she seems cool with me. However not the same can be said for our pal C. I was told to shut down the “feud” and get along and I have done that I have on more than one occasion heard and saw all sort of trash come flying out of her clap trap but apparently, I must shut the hell up and get along, so I have. Till recently when I made a few lil blasts on the social media websites. This has caused apparently the ol “truce” to be called off and we are about to take the full scale war Nuclear.

What is funny is I have gotten along and have become some what sociable with our old punching bag here in the Weekly Rant, Thomas Lamb and the folks at In The Now Magazine/Mega Metal. However from the last few times we have spoke and all, he seems cool with me and me cool with him, so no problems. Hell I even earlier tonight chatted with one of his crew members Bradford and had no issue what so ever. However the same can not be said for Ms. C, of the Sinful's. So now we are going to “war” with C from The Sinful Sisters, first off it's not going to be much of a war, due to she has limited amount of power anyway and really after all she is just a groupie anyway, and how much power do Groupies have?{Which by the way the last sentence was meant to hack her off and I am sure it will, has and did.}

I tired she did not to get along, I kept hearing from all sorts of people, get along with her for the sake of the scene. Please get along with her for the sake of the unsigned music world in Central KS. So I saw and heard some nasty things said about me and stuff that came from her. I looked the other way and shut the hell up. I have been in the same room with her and we both have been ignoring each other, which is fine, which by the way for all you folks out there that I do and did not like, I am not going to ignore you folks anymore. Believe me, I got something cooked up for all you folks very soon. So considering that apparently since she does not have to mind her P's and Q's, I will not be minding mine very soon.

Never can get everyone to get along, I seem to see this happen from time to time. No one can get along with each other for too long. Nope, we always have to have someone some where come in and screw it all up. Believe me, if she would like this lil feud to go Nuclear, I will do so and believe me, I am one of those people who not only will go into the gutter, I will go underneath it and hang out, I love that neighborhood, I have a summer home there and plan on moving back in and doing some re-decorating soon. Now I have one reservation here on going with this whole “feud” thing because she is the “management” of several bands that I am friends with and what is going to happen, even if I do not do this, they will eventually have to take a side, which I am saying now, I ain’t gonna make ya do that folks.

Last year, the feud that started then just sort of fizzled out after I was told by Tom Smalling of BTBS and JWL to shut it down, for the good of the local music scene. I did and then I guess C missed the memo and things just kept going. She eventually shut up till very recently. So I am not sure what is going to go on here, however chicks chick, let me tell ya something I am here and I am not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you would like to carry this feud out, let's go cause I am willing to fight this puppy all day long.

The cold war has been just that, I was told by a few people to keep my mouth shut. Then I once I backed off and then I get slammed on comments all over Face book and nasty comments being passed to me by all my friends. So I make stupid comments to people and I make stupid comments to people about them. I then also make some funny sound bites we play on the radio show. So far this just continues to be a cold war. I am sure at some point this will become an all out war between the 2 sides.

Trying to be nice has gotten me no where fast. I would like to say for the record I get along with the one Sinful Sister and I do not get along with the other, not sure if she is attracted to my rugged good looks or what exactly. I have been trying to figure out a way to bridge the gap and get both sides to work together. I have a ton of things coming up and I have a ton of business partners who want me to bridge the gap and bring everyone into the big tent. I feel that at some point this may happen because folks it's going to happen and I know it's going to happen because there will be an offer they can not refuse.

Finally my view on this matter is so simple, I get along well with Ashley and I so do not get along with C. Now I could fill in the rest of the letters but people may be thinking I mean a football term and believe me I would not be. I would like to at some point be a happy lil family but no matter how much ass I kiss and how many times I say I am sorry. I am never going to be able to work together with The Sinful Sisters. Ashley and I and my other business partners would work well together but they are a package and no way I am going to get C on board. Hell I even got the Sinful Sisters on some my syndicated stations with their radio program, however after C found out they were carrying me too, guess what did not want to be involved. So whom knows what the future holds, but we will be talking about here.

Jiggy Jaguar
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