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Old 05-26-2012
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Talking Weekly Rant: 6/13/2012-I am NOTHING!

Weekly Rant: 6/13/2012-

This week we talk about a subject that is so near and dear to my heart our pals are back on Face book making comments. Now this week I would like to discuss words and I would like to talk about the fact, we ain’t nothing according to a tweet we got this week. I am not going to be referring to The Sinful Sisters after this week in the rant any longer, I have stated I have no issue with A Sinful. My issue and problem has always and forever will be C, you fill in the rest of the letters. However I also would like to chat about me being a wanna be, which has come up this week. Another issue which came up this week is I being a nobody. Finally the issue of me being a nothing? Words are a powerful thing my friends.

The good folks this week on the social sites have been making comments and posts and all the like. I just love face book, one of the many reasons I like face book in particular is that people make posts and they share so much about their lives on these sites. I also love the whole, face book to twitter thing. I don’t understand why if you have both and I keep up with you on both, do you need to cross post, that is for a different week's rant. However I made another one of my asshole comments, because as I have said in the past, “I'm an asshole”. Apparently the comment got this person all steamed up and all that jazz. So what happens next, is that now a certain person is not playing nice any longer. First off, my question is “Did they ever play nice?” I am sure there will be more to this, a lot more because as the “master plan comes together”, everyone this fall will be seeing a lot more from ol Jigmund Freud.

Jiggy Jag is a wanna-be, which is what happened to be uttered a few weeks ago. Apparently the nick name of the character Chris Farley played known as Thomas Callahan III. Mentioned to one of his spies, I mean I am free lance, I mean I am out promoting the product while I am throwing him under the bus to you,etc. I was called a wanna-be this week and referred to as such. I find this so hard to believe when if I wanted to be a copyright infringing, lying about my distribution,living off the advertising money type of guy. I could very well do so, however what I am trying to figure out is I was not aware, you had 3 cable shows, contributed to 3 print magazines, had videos on YouTube that totaled 20,000 views? However apparently I am the wanna-be, I think I will forget about being a wanna-be and just be “The J-I-Double G”.

Jiggy jag is a nobody, earlier this week I was referred to by someone online as a nobody? Really a nobody, I do not have enough time in my day to refute this claim. I will just say this, if I am such a nobody why do I bother so many people with the things I say on video, Radio and in these columns each and every week? If I was such a nobody why do you folks post about me “Undercover” on the social networking sites? If I am such a nobody why do you guys care what I have to say and why do certain people want to take away my fricken right to say it? I am just a nobody who does not have any real power anyway?

Words are a powerful thing folks and I see this all the time. I have rented so much space inside people's heads. I have entire radio programs devoted to talking about what I am talking about on my show. I have people who do video shows about what I am up to and document and parody everything I mention or talk about on social networking sites. I have people who spend a lot of money in legal fees to shut me up. I have had entire media groups who try to replicate everything that I am doing and then when they can not, they dismiss it as I am just another idiot online. I say a lot of crap and a lot of people take it as real and take it as fact and I cause a lot of folks to just come unglued.

I think it is the greatest thing in the world that people will go out of their way to go out and find what I write about and talk about on my radio show before I make it public. You people really do need to get a hobby. You guys out there in the media world, Alternative or mainstream really need to get a life. I am such a nobody but you go out of your way to scan the key words on my you tube videos to see if your mentioned. You go out and search out my weekly rants before I make them public? Wow, I am such a wanna be and a hack, why do you people care about what I have to say?

My view is strange this week? I just do not know what to say? I mentioned that most of my friends in the media world regard me as a nothing, but they go read my rants before their public, they go out and checkout the website to make sure its being update, they scan you tube videos? I just find it so strange? I guess what we need to say is the rumor of a “RED” button being hit and a full scale war is about to begin, I guess my answer is “Bring it on” cause believe me I have been through a hell of a lot worse and folks I am still here. 20 years and they have come close, they have put some random chinks in the Armour but overall, as Elton John would say, “I'm still standing & better than I ever been.”

Finally I guess since I don't understand the issues with some of these folks? I am not anyone at all and I am a nobody? However they search me out, they watch all my you tube videos, they read all my columns, they track me on the social sites, they download all the podcast? Yeah, I don’t matter and I am a wanna-be that should not be paid any attention to. I say things and apparently I can move mountains with my mouth? People get so amped up and get some crazy with all my rantings and ravings or the accurate term is, “they are getting stressed out.” Guess what if they are getting stressed by some random bull shit that gets posted on a social network site. All I have to say is please have a thicker skin in this industry or leave it and move to a cave so you can be shielded from all the negativity in the entertainment and media world.

Jiggy Jaguar
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