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Old 05-29-2012
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Thumbs up Weekly Rant: Aug 5th 2012-The JJTV Journey

The Journey of Jiggy Jag TV has always been a fun one. I at one time thought we would never bring back Jiggy Jag TV. However one day I got an email from a job that I had applied for and a mainstream radio person told me something sophomoric about the program. I sat there and thought, well it was never a cool show that critics did not like. However I thought this has pissed me off and I am bringing back Jiggy Jag TV. So I set out to do this and I got to thinking about the history of the show. We have had a lot of moments like being “The Worst Show on TV. “ The camera and Production improvements that we have made over the years. The series of co hosts that we have had such as Action Cory and Cousin Chris. The On site interviews that we have done with people like Mushroom head,etc. The studio shows such as our anniversary shows and other fun tid bits such as the stuff with Green screen.

The Worst show on TV, is what I set out for this program. Way back in the production process was “What is the highest rated show” on Cable Access? I then wanted to be the worst show on Cable Access. I wanted to make the show so badly produced that no one would be able to duplicate it. We shot footage on purpose and made it look like crap. We made sure that the show looked like a crappy cable show. You know the clowns on Adult Swim do with shows like Awesome show great job,Eric Andre Show,etc. Only
we did this on purpose and people loved the hell out of this show.

Camera and production improvement, we figured out once we had a following we needed to make improvements in the production dept. We used templates in Final Cut pro and we would make some of our segments better, we brought in more segments that people would fall in love with such as Bruce on the loose. Bruce was a known drunk out at the bars and we befriended this guy and he loved the hype and notice he got from being on the show.

Co hosts were apart of the show, and we started out with Cousin Chris, everyone always thought he was my cousin. He was not, he was the cousin of a known DJ named Dutch in Hutchinson Kansas. Chris would go off and various things and he would call out people. He would just be a basic angry jerk to people but that is how it worked. Chris would eventually leave the show after a series of call outs, he would have a show down with someone he kept calling out by the name of Allen Birka, we called him AB on the show. We would have Action Cory replace Chris on the show, he started out as a camera man and would move into the co host spot. Chris would return for a few shows and Cory did a good job but he was never as good as Chris. We did enjoy our time with Cory so not to say we did not.

On site interviews were something we did such as something cause we could hardly get people to come to the studio. We went on location and we would interview people from bands coming thru the area to local bands who were playing live. We would eventually get major record people on the program. We ended up doing an interview with the band Mushroom head back in 2011. Now the band had people that loved them but a lot of their interviews on YouTube and other sites were crap. We managed to get a cool interview before they hit the stage, it took off. The video got 2,000 views within 24 hours. We have similar interviews with Eddie Money and Step and then just recently one with Tech 9.

My view on the world of Jiggy Jag TV has always been something I wanted to do. We started out as the worst show on Cable Access TV. I have always wanted to make it bigger and better than it was. We have interviewed many many bands, we have interviewed strippers. I love the fact we have done crap that no one has and will do again such as VHS baseball, hell I even have left over VHS tapes that we could do a VHS baseball 2 and by the way I am hoping to tape this either next spring or summer, so be on the look out.

Finally the Jiggy Jag TV Journey has been a fun one but wow I always wanted this show to be one thing and ended up being something different. I would have never thought back in the day that we would have interviewed Eddie Money. The studio shows we did with bands and other things such as the AB call out. Now obviously we have not even scratched the service as to what we have done with Jiggy Jag TV. For instance when we started out back in 1993, I attempted to get a show on McPherson Kansas College channel. Yes I wanted to get a cable access show on a non cable access channel. It's been fun and I would not have given up any of the bad or good for anything and with it coming back, its going to raise the bar and be way above anything forthcoming

Jiggy Jaguar
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