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Old 06-13-2012
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Angry Weekly Rant: 6/13/2012- Obama making Pot Legal

The big story seems to be lately that President Obama may make Pot legal so he can make his second run in the white house. I think this is a wonderful idea and I notice this seems to be gaining some ground here. This week I will present what we need to do and what we can do to help step up these efforts. Personally I would go out and let the cigarette manufactures have exclusive rights to making the pot smokes. I would also use the tax money to pay down the national debt in this country, hell we could buy our debt back from China and overseas interests with the cash we would make back on the selling of pot. Pot would make all the drug dealers go elsewhere, and the horrid unsuccessful war on drugs would be over once and for all. Pot would stop over crowding our jails with nonsense 150 pound dolts who would not have to share a cell with the local killers.

I believe one of the reasons why Pot is not legal is because certain groups who make smokes are keeping this banned. Come on, really you think people would be smoking cig's if they could smoke pot legally? I know lots of people who do both and love both but they have told me if given the chance to smoke pot over tobacco, they would chose the hippie lettuce. So I say give them exclusive rights to make the pot smokes and you have them on your side.

Pot could be used to pay off the national debt, I have heard that if you make it legal. The National debt is gone in 2 years or so. Imagine the tax money you would be raking in from all the clowns who are not only getting high but helping pay taxes on the stuff. Hell in Nevada where sex trade is legal, you have the state of Nevada making a lot of money off the John's who fly into places like The Bunny ranch and other brothels I have always thought if you had the government making money off Pot they would jump at the chance to make this stuff legal.

Pot could make the drug dealers and this insane war on drugs over. I know for a fact several people I know make a healthy living on pot and selling it. So I say, get those clowns off the street and get them into a mall or something making real money. Hell I know on several occasions people who have bought street pot have either gotten jibbed on the product or it's been laced with some crap. I would clean that problem up quick by making this crap legal. No more drug dealers if the drug dealers are the biggest group on the land, The US Government. Personally the Feds have been long standing getting crack out into the streets to all the black people, so why not sell pot to them as well?

Pot is not filling our jails with crap, we read all the time in the papers on TV and other places that the Private Jail industry loves the fact Pot is not legal, they make a haul on arresting people on drug charges. However the government could still make money on the whole drug problem, they are making pot legal, not making coke or anything else legal. This would also cut down the public jail population if the local pot heads were not in the same cell as the local rapist or the local bank robber. Personally I would rather make money off the pot heads instead of paying to keep them locked up. So I say cut down all the over population and other factors and these folks back on the streets paying for pot.

You also get rid of all this K2,K6, crap all the fake crappy pot that is making everyone turn into zombies and eating people's chests and all the crap. People are trying to get high and can not due to pot being legal. Your never gonna stop ill Mike from going and getting nailed for pot, so why not make it legal and then you put also the bath salt and fake pot goons out of business. I have always said the reason pot is not legal is because of the legal system but come on here, if this is legal no more fake pot, no more bath salts and hell no more zombies.

Finally let's look at the issue of keeping it from being legal, way too many people are rising up and wanting it legal. You can only stop these folks for so long before it's gonna be legal. You also have states who are saying, they want it legal because of the tax income on the crap. Personally I would let state by state determine the call on it. Denver would love the extra tax money and places like KS that do not would not have to worry about. The Stones would go elsewhere and if not, you still got jails full of people.

Jiggy Jaguar
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