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Old 06-24-2013
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Weekly Rant: 6/24/2013-Jizzy Panther
<P><P>I was checking in on the Facebook, I like to search myself on their sometimes. I find something odd the other day, apparently the jealously and hate for me has led Thomas Lamb to create Jizzy Panther. Apparently this is a play off my gimmick of The Jiggy Jaguar. Guess what folks I am here to tell you that if Thommy boy would like to be, I can give him some help. Now he just from what I can tell wants Jizzy to be a radio aspect of my life. He apparently is not interested in my personal life. Now if he wants to do that we can, which would require a lot of mental health services. Ha-ha
<P><P> He would need a playbook here for Jizzy; I believe this is his way of stabbing me in the heart and trying to mock me. This is fine by me, if you have nothing else to do with your time to keep up with a fake account. That is fine by me, however he needs to sit down and figure out a way for Jizzy to be taken to court for standing up to 1st adement freedom of speech. He also needs to sit down with his partners and figure out he can get an entire community such as Salina KS did to me. Thomas also needs to sit down and do some legit interviews that get hits on YouTube as well.
<P><P> Once he as that out of the way he needs to move into Syndicated radio needs to be in the game plan. He needs to begin to contact a lot of internet radio stations, mainstream Am/FM and also folks at low power stations across the country. He also needs to be involved in millions of millions of conference calls. He also needs to stay up till 5am then wake up at 9am to keep the Jizzy brand going, he also needs to sit down and spend a healthy amount of money on equipment to broadcast his program.
Low power TV that will be taken national needs to be in the game plan as well. He needs to setup several meetings and make several trips to Wichita Kansas. Meet with all his contacts and also work a lot of his contacts in the media and entertainment industry. He needs to be able to make a lot of time investment in this process to. He also needs to sit down with management at this low power TV programming dept. Secure a spot for a national broadcasting program as well. If he is going to copy me, he needs to copy me down to the finest detail.
<P><P> The web show has to be in the mix as well. He needs to go out and buy 6 cameras and synch the up for a Sunday radio program. He also needs to make a lot of contacts in the Adult film industry and also music industry as well. He also needs to get the folks from Hutch and Wichita KS in order to be in studio guests. He also needs to be aware that he will be cancelled upon and stood up and have to kill time on the show. Then sometimes he will have way too many guests and have to book them again sometime else. It takes a lot of pain and frustration to be, if youíre looking to do this, better be prepared itís not a walk in the park.
<P><P>Finally if Jizzy Panther is going to be anything at all, you will need to establish a legal defense fund to make sure you do not get drug into court. Also go out and find yourself a string of friends and fans who say they are your fans and followers and have them screw you over. Another thing you will need is a string of ex-girlfriends and also business partners who are unreliable a lot and also make sure you get locked into a loveless marriage at some stage of a game. Finally last thing you need to do is go out and create a fake Facebook profile and begin to write this column.
Jiggy Jaguar
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