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Old 09-22-2013
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9/22 Weekly Rant: Why Tom Lamb HATES us

I was thinking the other day when someone mentioned to me, why does Tom Lamb hate you? I got to thinking about this question? I guess I could always say the fact we do better stuff than him? Maybe we have a better name in the media world? We do Indy bands better than this dolt? We have accomplished and done more in TV and radio than he ever has or will? Maybe actual content instead of Press releases and nonsense. Maybe it was the fact we promise things and deliver on them unlike what he is doing.

What I mean by Better stuff is we get constantly better interviews and make better interviews than this guy. I remember when he began to do video interviews back in the day, the interviews never started right and always ended badly or just ended? The fact our websites have always been better produced than what he has coming up and he always promises a better website and never makes it work. Lets look at the fact he puts out this nonsense every once in a while called a magazine. Yes before you start at least he puts one out. I have never put one out because we never got it right and I am not going to let him and his family bash it.

We have a much better rep in the media, I had a few folks fairly recently when we contacted them about interview requests. They asked me if since I was from Hutchinson KS, I was not with ITN or in the now right. They said we have given that guy many chances at interviews and it always turns out badly. I also have heard from various folks about the whole, Putting out a magazine that no one has ever saw or that he lies about his numbers. Another sign he is doing it badly I have heard from many insiders in the music business that he tells everyone he has 50-75,000 copies in print but have never been given a single copy.

Indy Bands are treated well better by us, hell until we started covering Indy bands on the Sunday radio show in Salina KS or the video show. We never knew him to ever consider covering bands in the Indy world. Then he has taken to recently playing favorites and bashing the ones he hates. Oh and the other thing is you have to cover bands all over the USA and the world, not just ones in KS. Even if he has bands that still kiss his *** and support him because MAYBE he may cover them.

We have accomplished more in TV and Radio than he has ever thought about it. He is currently running around saying he is better than me because he interviewed Korn recently. Well he interviewed Head, which I interviewed 2 years ago on radio? Oh and he did not get the interview himself, he sent his lil pal Shabby to interview him. By the way before you start saying you interviewed the lead of Korn no that was Rick Thomas from T95 like 10 years ago. I just love the bashing and hell it keeps us on our toes.

Actual content is something he hates because we actually print interviews, etc and not just press releases like he has done so many times on social media. Please go look over a social media website or class and learn how to use a Facebook or twitter account. Then the whole thing about teasing interviews and then never following through with them. I have so many that he has teased on social media that never panned out or were just lies. However the 3 that comes to mind is the Sting Interview with TNA star for their last tour of KS. Another one is Chris Cornell video interview from last time he was in Salina Kansas. Oh and that Bret Michaels interview that has never found its light of day.

Finally let me tell yam, I could care less about why he hates me. I have been approaching him about working together. He could care less and continues to bash me, which is cool with me. If it gets your rocks off to call me a wanna be. He recently dropped the Wanna be Podcaster comment after he was corrected by some folks about how arsine he sounded when he kept saying it. Keep burning bridges pal. I like the new slogun for In the Now magazine, instead of if youre not in the now, youre in the nothing. I like If youre not burning bridges, your Amanda.

Jiggy Jaguar
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