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Old 04-25-2012
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Angry Weekly Rant: 3 Years in Radio What I have learned{4/23/2012}

The last few years I have not done much on mainstream brick and mortor radio. However when I was in Mainstream radio in 2007-2009 I learned a hell of alot. Now some of these things I will talk about in this week. However some I will not share just because I still talk to the people that I would dish on and much like a Pro wrestling shoot, I could but I wont. Radio does not think outside the box. Radio is in Sales sales and sales and not much else, unless it's someone trying to take a spot. Radio does not cater to the listener and radio is format driven buisness as well. Radio is a crazy buisness with it's managment as well.

Radio does not think outside the box, let's look at this with Facebook and twitter, when I got out of Mainstream radio, Facebook and twitter were starting up. However back when websites and all were coming into focus. I had a owner of a few stations tell me one time that the internet was a fad and it would be gone in a year. This is how radio approaches social media, they live in such a sheltered exsistance. Radio has no way of understanding and will not be able to understand because when they take the time to understand social networking it will be too late. The people who know how it works are not given the ball.

Radio is sales sales sales and more sales. Radio is such a crazy medium and Radio is such a sales driven world. Lets look at Radio sales here, radio will give it's left nut to make a sale, I remember when I was working in radio and on several occassions, radio was going to be cool then it would effect sales and they would dump something in favor of would it make us a sale. However one instance it did not, When Brother Ken was fired from Rocking M Radio, a ton of sponsors took their ads off air and went along with our former sales manager to "The Evil Empire". They were going to give their sponsor money and bring more sponsors on if Morris Communications would put Brother Ken on the air, however rumor was that someone at the station did not like Ken, so the deal was killed.

Radio does not cater to the listner, let's look at this on 3 occassions. Occassion 1, when 92.7 The Zoo which was the #1 rock station in Salina Kansas, first time out of the Ratings books in the area. The company went out and flipped the station and went Sports talk and killed ratings,advertising and such in favor of what they wanted. Occassion #2, Eagle Communications in Salina Kansas having great success with playing new and modern country. After a fluke in the ratings where Classic Country beat their station. They went out and mixed in brand new country with some of the classics, this caused some folks to go more over to the other station in town because they did not play Classic's or what people thought were classic. Occassion #3 our pals Rocking M Radio had a #1 rated rock format and they were went out and smashed the playlist from Rob Zombie and new rock and mix of Classic Rock to being back to 24-7 Classic Rock and not many requests, which caused the station to sink to #2 or #3 in the next ratings book.

Radio is not thinking globally, they are thinking locally. Yes they post advertisments online wanting people but they only want someone within driving distance or local help to apply, if this is the case go place an ad in the local newspaper and not online. I also love the radio folks who broadcast on the internet but think that only local listeners are tuning in. They also talk about someone they want to work for them has to live and breathe social networking but if you know more than them, they will never hire you.

Radio is a crazy buisness with Managment, yes management is nuts in the radio buisness. Let me tell ya a few stories here, after I was gone from Rocking M Radio, keep in mind I quit radio and I did not look back. Radio messageboards had critized the weather coverage one evening, I went out on this board and wacked RMR around, which brought on a phone call from Danny Havel the GM of the station. Now he would explain to me what had happened and talked to me about radio? What the hell should a employeer give a crap about a ex employee clowning you on the internet.

My view on radio is I have learned since my time in radio that Mainstream radio as far as management are big total assholes. Lets look at the folks in radio which I have applied to, which when they get back to me, they are all about hiring people and want to hire people then when it comes down to it, they either hire local or they just do not hire at all, which means guess what there is millions of non jobs out there. Why place the ad in the first place? I love the whole thing that Radio is not keeping up and seems to think they should and can hold people back from advancing technology wise?

Finally let's wrap this up by saying, I learned a hell of alot in radio. I learned the on air process and I also made alot of good friendships but I also had some odd experiances. I realized this morning that I will not be working in radio ever again, I will be the alternative media and I will be on the side of things that will not effect radio in general. From the format issues to the way they do Buisness to the crazy people that work in radio to the old folks who have spots who they are not giving up.

Jiggy Jaguar
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