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Old 05-21-2012
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Exclamation Weekly Rant: The Times have Changed{5/21/2012}

This week we are gonna talk about what has gone from time to time, wow the times have changed. We have done radio with Ross Long and we did some cool technology stuff. Zombie Jonez and myself did some radio and never really got going to what we would have been able to accomplish. Cousin Chris and myself did some radio and had a good time but it did not in my mind live up to what it could have been. Talkradiox has been a good run with us and wow we have had some crazy crap over there. What is the next phase of the radio for Jiggy Jaguar? I believe it was Bob Dylan who said, “Times they are a changing.” My view on where the show is headed will be chatted about as well.

Ross Long and myself did Internet radio for about a year and half and made some cool things happen. We became free speech warriors after we were put under attack by Marcia Stephenson over at Community Access Television of Salina,Inc. Ross and myself did the Live stream and Ustream and made a ton of cool things such as Skype video calls with Porn stars, we had on authors and we did in studio guests. Ross and myself had a damn good run with local remotes such as the one we did with The Muse Ballroom. Ross and myself had a great run but when things had been accomplished as far as we could take them, Ross Long moved on and focused on video interviews and such.

Zombie Jonez and myself did radio and wow were we about to get it going. Zombie and myself got together a week or 2 after Ross Long made the determination he needed to move on from the broadcast. Zombie had all the technology tools and the cool guests and we had plans like live broadcasts from NOW. We used Ustream and we tried to basically fill in the gaps between Ross and myself and use Ustream to mold the show from Free speech warriors to go into the dumpster like Opie and Anthony. However with the pending legal action and all the issues we had toward the end of our time in Salina, Myself and Zombie never got to have the heights of time that we would have gained.

Chris and myself did the Radio show for about 4 months. Chris and myself did Jiggy Jag TV and had made a lot of cool things take place, we interviewed and did some cool skits. However the radio thing in my take did not pan out. For one, we tried to take the Ross and Zombie stuff and mold it to Chris an myself. We tried to studio guests and remote broadcasts, we tried to Skype and studio guests. However this did not pan out and eventually bottomed out and went no where fast. Chris and myself did well on TV but radio, not so much.

After I thought we needed to get back to our roots and that was radio. We ceased on a chance to do a daily radio program from After we settled on a time slot, we got with our network partners and moved forward with a show. We have had people such as Michael Harrison from talkers magazine,etc. On the program we also talked to people such as Barry Farber an Legendary Radio hosts Bob Grant. We helped re-invent our radio program and we are in the process of moving to the next level. Now the next level is where I believe the show will actually be able to move into the mainstream, which will tick off about the entire industry of radio.

Next phase is coming and believe me that we have been pieing the approach I have some things cooked up, which by the way I am not going to divulge here, however we are coming into making the next grand step. The Mainstream folks are defiantly not going to like our next step. The folks in mainstream radio monitor us and pay attention to us, however this is about to make a ton of things happen. All I can say is over the last few years we have chatted with folks inside and outside the business and have changed the show so much over the years. This show is defiantly not what I envisioned in 1993 when I began putting this show together.

My view on all this is that we have spent a ton of time perfecting and fixing this show. I remember when I thought radio phone interviews were the coolest thing we could do. I remember when I thought in studio guests would never work and be a thing that would work for us. Hell the Live stream and Skype call thing, I thought was a big waste of time and I hated every minute of it, however now I look back and see we were doing a super Freaky thing. We will continue to evolve and make changes as necessary and make things happen. The show will continue to evolve over the years and will be till the day I stop doing the show.

Jiggy Jaguar
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