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Old 05-25-2012
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Smile Weekly Rant: 8/21/2011-Box-A-Buddy Challenge to Mr. Lamb

Okay the following post, is and was written on 8/21/2011...However as we continue to clean up our old posts on the drive before we make the big "MOVE". We had to post this, so please take this with a grain of salt.
To follow up with last week's column, I just sit back and shake my head at what some people will do to get attention out here. I also saw this week on one of the social sites that I wanted to start a “Media war”? I am not real sure what that is, I also am not real sure how you start or end a “Media war”. {wait the picture now will get changed and they will be wearing camouflage & military regalia}
The quote of the week has to be, “What jj doesnt realize is we won the war long before he even tried to start it! ROCK! “ {I am also assuming they were throwing devil horns up, after they typed the word “ROCK”} By the way the term is doesn’t not doesnt but what can we expect from an uneducated low rated internet show host. This week we are not about bashing The Sinful Sisters or Bacon Rock, no we are about challenges and calling people out.
<P><P> Earlier this year at the only official concert that I was a promoter of, I talked with my buddy{hell who knows he probably hates me too...ha ha} Sean Story from Beneath The Burning Sun & he mentioned to me I should settle my differences with Thomas Lamb of Mega Metal Magazine in a box-a-Buddy for charity. Thomas recently did some working out at Genesis health club in Hutchinson Kansas. As the world knows I am in the gym 5 days a week for about 4-5 hrs a day. So I figure why not do this. My ol Pal Michael Edwards “Cardio Mike” is bringing Box-A-Buddy back {Box-A-Buddy by the way is 3 rounds of boxing with 20 oz gloves, headgear & 48 second rounds with 1 minute rest in between} so no better time like the present to challenge Mr. Lamb{considering he reads my columns or he has one of his agents read my columns every week.} to a match.
<P><P> Here's the idea, we get Thomas and I together for a match anywhere, I could care less if we do it in Salina Kansas or we do it in Hutchinson Kansas or hell we do it on neutral territory in McPherson or Wichita Kansas. I just wanna do this and this would settle all the issues between me & him. We have lots of options here, considering he likes to throw devil horns up in all his pictures, he also wears a lot of Monster energy stuff and is such a big deal with all the rock bands. This would be perfect for the clown shoe We could do the match in Salina Kansas with Cardio Mike, considering he is bringing it back. I am sure Thomas could talk to Cardio about doing an event in Hutchinson and we could promote the crap out of it, hell he could talk to Miles at The R bar or even Coach Hill the local Golden Gloves coach, we could make it happen in the Salt City. I am damn sure we could get Sandra Byrd or someone to do it in McPherson at either the Old City Limits or Community Building. Finally an option would be Wichita Kansas, Hell the Sinful one's I am sure have someone they have slept with or know or both that could make this happen. There is a guy who promotes boxing matches at Doc Howards on a monthly schedule, I am damn sure he could promote it.
<P><P> Next step here is charity, I would be real sure if all the “media Moguls” would put their heads together they could find a charity or even get Tommy Boy's pal, Hank a call at T-95, considering Thomas is the golden boy over at Journal Broadcast group, you could find a charity or event that would put this thing together. Speaking of Henry over at T-95, I am damn sure he & the rest of the gang would love to promote the possibility of someone finally being able to shut Jiggy Jag up. So if Tommy boy wants this bad enough, he could get some connections together to make this thing happen. He could get all the so-called promoters and media players to help him push the crap out of this, and believe me it would look like Shawn Michaels going into Canada to face Bret Hart{I would be getting so much heat}
<P><P> The fight itself, if we were do this in Box-a-Buddy, I think Thomas has a little lamb would be able to last maybe past the 1st round. If we did it in an actual boxing match, I am not even giving him the 1st round, because you gotta believe the fight is going to be 3-5 rounds of 3 minutes a piece. I know with all the drugs and smoking this clown does, he would not be able to muster past the opening bell, hell he would probably not even show up. If he did manage to pull it together, he certainly would not be able to hang with me for long. Another idea I just had is we could get his “Boys” Beneath The Burning Sun to play the entrance themes or something. Then they could get all their fans to show up and watch the “newspaper” guy with the goofy look get his ass kicked by a real journalist.

My view on all this is as usual, simple. As everyone knows I am a simple man, actually I am half Idiot and half Jamaican, not really just full idiot. The media war that I guess I some how started or something? This thing will never really be over, because as long as Thomas has his connections with T-95 in Wichita and he has Amanda fixing his reputation in Hutchinson Kansas and working hard to keep the “newspaper” above the waves of plagiarism & just down right quackery,etc. Thomas is always going to be a problem. I will continue to do what we do here and that is work hard for every smile{wait that’s someone else} I meant, just keep getting the top level interviews and have people come to me wanting us to cover them for radio and print & TV, just basically continue the tradition of excellence & be a media juggernaut. However one way we can settle this whole “issue” between me & media boy is to do as Sean Story suggested, help a great cause, generate some positive publicity together & squash all this hate between us.
<P><P> Finally let's look at this, we could do a hell of a lot here and build this thing up HUGE. You have Thomas and I who have connections to make this happen. We could easily find a venue, find a few sponsors,find photographers and video people{duh}hell get it covered and get a charity involved. We could even have Willie “King of the Dumb-asses” Parks show up and take photos of the event for, whatever he takes photos for. We could get local music involved, since I like local music and the other side is just huge fans of it. There are enough people I and Thomas have ticked off or screwed over threw the years we could get a good crowd to cheer it on. In conclusion, we could toss a wrestling storyline out there,if we do this in Wichita Kansas. I am damn sure we could find my ex wife or even in Hutchinson my ex girl friend to be in Thomas' corner for the match.
Jiggy Jaguar

I hate to do this, but I tend to do this a lot & that is hit them with facts. When people are confronted with facts, they do not seem to do well and usually shut the fuck up and go away. However if you would like to talk media wars, I have 2 podcast, which are syndicated online. I have a weekly radio program which is carried on 50+ stations and has been since 2000. Operated a internet radio station since 2000 that pioneered “unsigned music”. Own 1 online magazine that has been in operation successfully since 2001. Work for another print magazine{not newspaper}and along with all this have tons of video and audio interviews available with the who’s who from publishing to news/public affairs to music,etc. Featured in a book, interviewed by various trade publications and newspapers, been featured on Television. Helped pioneer the Video with audio live streaming thing here in Central Kansas. Successful cable access programs for 3 years running & most importantly mainstream radio experience & respect of my peers. Not sure if your low rated, weekly radio program, 2 newspaper publications, various websites full of plagiarism & false content quiet add up to my resume? <P><P>
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