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Old 06-10-2012
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Weekly Rant: 6/13/2012-Keeping them honest

I applied for a series of broadcasting jobs this week and I was given some odd news, by several of the folks I talked with about coming to work at their stations. I have a lot of talent and why should someone with my background and work ethic be out of work? I have a simple answer for ya, all those folks are full of BS and that is why we are writing this column, this week. I got a really bad battle call with a Arizona station. I also got into it with a e mailer who told me to go stick it but then hated being called on it. Then I harken back to the days of Danny Havel and Rocking M Radio's weather or lack their of. Why do people just hate being called on their BS and hate being kept honest. One reason is because I see through all these frauds in the mainstream brick and mortar business

Arizona call back and that was a talk station I applied for in the great state of the Suns NBA team. I saw an advertisement for a radio station needing a host and I sent them our traditional package and air checks and other material. I then got a email back several days later telling me how great of a voice I had for radio. I have a great background and a lot of experience and should be on the air coast to coast and border to border. Then in the next paragraph, they told me I was going to be placed on a short list for a call back just in case they have any openings.

So I responded to the email with, “Yes I am so glad you got back with me on this matter and glad that your lying to me and not going to hire me but will keep my application on file for future openings.” Now normally you would think they would just delete the email or forget about me, hell they have already turned me down for the job. However she picked up the phone and called me and told me how great I was and I was on a short list but because I did not believe her and acted the way I did, she was taking me off the list. I basically told her to jump in a damn lake and hung up on the bitch. Now you may be saying, “Well you blew that one, Jiggy.” One problem is I have applied for the job for the past 6 months every week they put it up and I always get the same email back, only this time I determined I needed to respond.

I applied for another job on the west coast for a job at Clear Channel and sent them all the usual stuff and was basically perfect for the job that was open. I got a letter back from their good old Program Director telling me, how great I was and how they listened to my material and even thanked me for sending in such great work and would love to hire me on for the job, but they have neared it down to 15 people for the next round and I was not in that list. They would keep my application on file and would get back with me when another opening came up.

Which I responded with the following, “Thanks for checking my stuff out and glad you took the time to put so much thought into your rejection letter and I thank you for getting back to me and telling me how great I am but not just great enough to be hired by you guys.” He then instead of blowing me off, sent me an email back and told me that he was sorry I mis understood his email and thought he was being not on the level. He really did like me and he was sorry I thought he was lying but I was really talented. I responded with a nasty email and then blocked him, I am not interested in speaking with someone who thinks I am the next great thing in broadcasting but not great enough to make a top 15 of people he was going to reject.

I remember way back during Danny Havel being at RMR in Salina Kansas. I got on a radio message board one evening. Everyone in the industry was slapping themselves on the back for the great radio coverage from the usual people such as Eagle and The Evil Empire at KSAL. I went ahead and posted that too bad when the worst storm of the spring was taking place, why was RMR off the air and the station that was on with all the fancy Weather setup and equipment, no break in ins and no mention of the storm. Great job Rocking M Radio and your still the embarrassment of the industry that is radio.

I got a call the next day at lunch from the guy running the show, the guy who I had quit over there 2 months earlier Danny Havel called me and talked to me for a damn hour about how wrong I was about the post online. I was told that they were working hard and they were trying do their job and it sucked when people like me were running their mouths on the internet. My response on this matter is that guess what, I thought Havel did not read the message boards and did not care what people were saying. 2Nd, why do you care what an ex employee, internet wanna be who wishes he did not, oh wait I quit the company. So once again, why do you care and why the hell are you calling me?

Finally lets look at the reason why all these freaks in the biz care about what I have to say. One reason is because I am calling them on their bullshit. They know they are full of crap when they call me or email me. They know I see right through all their crap and they see right through the fact they suck. Let's look at the 2 jobs, why would you care what a guy your not going to hire and prob. Did not even see my stuff, you just hit delete when it came across your in box. Another thing on the Havel issue, why the hell did this clown care what I was saying on a message board, what is he going to get on face book and everyone one of his friends who don’t like his status. He gonna place a phone call to everyone of his face book friends and yell at them about not liking his status updates?

Jiggy Jaguar
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