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Old 09-01-2013
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Weekly Rant: 9/1 ITN Needs to Distance itself from Tom Lamb

Yes we have returned to the Rant format for our fall and winter months. I have been away redeveloping our Sunday and Daily radio programs. Working on TV and Print projects and just completed a successful Season 1 of Concerts for the cause. I feel it’s now time to return to Ranting and yes I have been hearing and seeing folks posting about my favorite target Mr. Thomas Lamb. I have been trying to keep my nose clean but apparently Tommy Boy wants to yell and scream and bash us on social media.

Before we move onto the actual rant, I have heard recently been sent an email from someone calling themselves BWS. I have no clue that this is but I suspect it is actually the guy I believe it to be or someone trying to throw someone under the bus. Either way I have the need to air the email, anyway. First off apparently when Thomas moved out of state this past summer, then like a bad fart blew back into Kansas. Thomas used money that he raised from advertising to do the move with. Then much like the scumbag that he is, thus printing a print issue for Sept. He is going to miss his deadline for 1 issue per year. I sure hope your advertisers know what you did with their money & by the way “Thanking” them on Facebook does not count as advertising dollars well spent. He is fighting with writers and then this person is getting ready to leave the magazine. So this guy really is just hurting the brand now and I wish they would wake up over there and boot this guy.

Amanda Craig and a few of the ITN folks attempted to get the unsigned and Indy music community in order to do a float for the Hutchinson KS 4th of July parade. They did not get a lot of takers from the local music scene, primary because right before Thomas moved; he took a shot at the music scene in Reno County by bashing one of the bands that was playing that evening. Then Thomas went on and drugs a band from Wichita KS into the “rant” as well. That’s nice let’s continue to divide the music scene even more, and then screw over the other folks on the staff and people in KS who now have to have awkward chats with bands when they want to get folks involved with things.

I know the guy has contacts which is 1 reason why the ITN head honcho Amanda keeps his ass around. When they had successful interviews and such over the summer with other staff filling in for Mr. Surfs up on interviews and photo shoots. I think things were making a positive step forward then they went out and had to have the crap roll back in with Thomas Lamb. Now I know what I saw with the support from the music scene where Amanda would show up at events and such and make some good strides. Then Tom would come back in and run his mouth and mess things up again.

Here is my view on what they need to do over there. Tom has the Mega Metal brand and has contacts and believes me it would not take a while to build them back up. However I think Amanda should take the ITN and let Tom keep the Mega Metal. I would hate for Amanda who wants to build a brand and make money, when Tom wants to get his photos taken with rock stars and talk smack on social media.

Finally let’s look at what is going on here, Tom is always been a rival of mine for whatever reason or another. I fight back then I am the bad guy, yes Mr. Hell. I leave the dude alone and then he goes out and talks crap on folks who are doing work for me. Then he talks smack on family, I hammer back and I am Satan. So here is the deal, I am done with lumping Amanda and the rest of the ITN crew in with Tom. I like Amanda and she even showed up and supported Concerts for the cause one weekend and yes I saw the “Email” that I supposedly had sent, by the way if I am going to throw people under the bus, I am going to do it from my email account not a fake account. I have good relationships with the other folks ITN has on staff. However this “war” is between Tom and me. My last piece of advice is to have Tom and the old perv Chris ohle go off and do their thing and let Amanda and her crew do great entertainment journalism and continue to let pissed off Tom and bitter Tom continue to get photos with celebs and musicians and flash hand signs. By the way Local bands a piece of advice to you, work with him if you like but watch it cause while he is patting you on the back, its only 6 inches from a knife or kick in the pants.

Jiggy Jaguar
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