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Old 09-08-2013
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Weekly Rant: 9/8/2013-Tom Lamb Turned on the Local Scene

I remember back when Tommy boy was Mr Local music, oh yeah right. That never has happened. He has folks and bands who still kiss his ass because they do not understand he has zero power. However recently Tom has went off on the folks who should and could help him get going. Local musicians, guess what Professional musicians have so many folks promoting them, they don’t care about you and your magazine that you spent all the money on moving back so you could not print a new issue. Tom Never cared about locals till Jiggy Jag TV came along and now he is back to only caring about folks who he pimps. Tom making bands pay to get into his magazine? Really you’re going to charge folks to get into a magazine your presenting? Tom undelievering on his promises of coverage and promotion is being found out now. Tom supports what he is a fan of, yes he is not a fan of music he is a fan of certain bands. Tom did a parting shot before moving out of Kansas, and then guesses what he came back.

Tom Lamb never cared about local and unsigned music until we started doing Jiggy Jag TV in Salina Kansas in 2007. We began covering every damn person that came through the Blue Goat in Salina KS. I could care less who they were, if they had a following. I supported local music and regional music, then I saw all these people bashing me and saying, “Oh you do not support like Tom Lamb does?” What oh yeah he started covering bands in KS and beyond then once 2008 started he was all on people’s jocks. Tom then began doing video interviews and such with bands; he supposedly had a deal with Fox Kansas for Mega Metal TV. Then we started seeing him go to local bars and not just The Cotillion ballroom for shows.

Tom making bands pay to get into his birdcage liner? Really you’re going to go out and charge bands that are maybe not making enough to have gas money to get to the gig. They want him to pay them so they can get involved with the magazine? Hell I remember when Murder Ordained from here in Hutchinson Kansas. These folks went out and put time out of their schedule to get into the magazine. He then did not get them the final approval before he printed the piece? Really you’re going to make a band look like a way they did not, then you’re going to take their money. He’ll give me that job and I will jump in there {wait I don’t I have Mickey Mouse tattoo’s and look like the monster on the poster of the movie Ghoulies}

Tom Lamb then has his social media and his print magazine and under delivering on promises. Yes old Tommie boy is selling people on social media. He has no people responding on the facebook, twitter, etc. So basically no one is paying attention to social media that he has? Then he has the magazine, which people do not respond to because he actually only prints 1,000 copies of the magazines. He tells folks 50-75,000 copies when in reality he only has 1,000 issues out there and maybe they are in Wichita or maybe in Hutchinson KS. He has no reach and he cons folks into giving him cash for things that either don’t work nor has no reach.

Tom Supports artists he cares about, for instance he supports King Shifter out of Wichita KS. Hell he tried to tie them into a feud he was starting with VOS from here in Hutchinson KS. Tom also supports now all the sudden Black Wall Monument, when before no one cared about them till they played our Concerts for the cause series. I talk to artists all the time who say, “I have been playing music for years and been doing shows. I never see my band on his Facebook page or in his magazine.” He does not support everyone he supports folks who he likes…really? Well he is the King of Media Mountain.
Tom burned a lot of bridges before he left for wherever he went, before a King shifter concert and same night in Hutchinson Ks, Vos was playing. Tom went out and said the scene in Hutchinson is dead and shows no signs of recovering. He tossed away fans of both bands and attempted to start a war with each band. Then he moved and bashed Sean Story and the rest of VOS while he was gone in wherever he was. Now while he was gone, he made dumb comments on social media which caused Amanda who was trying to get things going here to not have certain bands help out with events and basically alienated her in the local scene. Great idea there and now he’s back and is having issues with bands and promoters. Guess what butt head {said in a Biff voice from Back to the Future} should not have shot your fricken mouth off on social media.

Finally this is nothing new; I have been running my mouth for years about how much of a clown he is to anyone who would listen. I caught hell from everyone and their sister about this tool. Then I shut up for a few years and now everyone is starting to catch on to this nonsense. I feel vindicated but I also feel like finally people are starting to see he is so full of BS and all the time trying to play people against each other. However in the end it’s folks like Bradford and Amanda who are trying to do actual work and make things happen and not just flash hand gimmicks and take photos with rock stars. However I better be prepared according to a recent social media status, “He is about to change the game on us.” {I hope it’s finally printing that Chris Cornell exclusive from 4 years ago}

Jiggy Jaguar
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