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Old 04-24-2011
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Lightbulb Weekly Rant: 4/27/2011-People always think I am out to get them

This week we return with the rant, I have had computer issues as everyone who has listened to the radio show. I am just not in the frame of mind to do any ranting, however this week we triumphant return. Now the last few weeks require a lot of cleanup work and so this week, I would like to present a column I wrote in February 2011. So Please read it and as well, I understand I will be getting phone calls like crazy from all the pyschos at like 5am in the morning. So check it out and let's get it on or as the rappers say, “Let's get it in!”

This week we talk about a few really good relationships, business and otherwise, that I have lost or on the way to losing over the years. Now these people seem to think I am out to get them some how. I am an “evil doer”. This week I break a pledge to you, the reader by naming names, I pledged awhile back I would not do this, however I am now doing it. However the names have to be presented here, so this is what is going on. Recently 2 of what I thought were really good pals apparently thought I was out to screw them over. I am writing this column after dealing with the blow back from these 2 people, however I felt this week we needed to chat.

Larry D Trent is the 1st person who comes to mind, most of you know him as Ninja Larry. Now Ninja Larry before I came along in 2007, was filming community,free events and not really doing a whole heck of a lot in the film world. He was getting used and abused by Access TV, with such things as riverfest and being called down to do shoots at all hours of the day and night. I came along in 2007 and had this guy do some stuff for a program called Jiggy Jag TV, eventually I thought we became real good friends. Now behind the scenes, this guy was spending a lot of his time throwing me under the bus to his pals at Access TV. Now he also was lying, constantly, I even spoke to his mother about all this, she advised me that he lies to everyone. Larry would eventually become so paranoid, I was out to “get him”. We would part company and in an odd sort of way, however I never really understood why he did this. I had spent a hell of a long time, taking care of him when he would get sick at shoots, covering for him when he would fail to get footage to bands,lose footage,etc. However he believed for whatever reason I was out to get him.

Recently this happened again to someone who I will not name here, but believe me everyone knows who I am talking about, who is familiar with the issue at hand. Now this lady and I have been friends and business partners. This woman has spent the better part of the last few years of me knowing her, not listening to herself, she has let others influence her. She has spent a good deal of time, thinking of when I may screw her next. I have done a hell of a lot for this woman, I have helped her figure out social networking and working her website into it. I have defended her against record labels and artists who complain to me about things such as her photos/ getting photos online in a timely manner, I have defended her against people who have told me, you can come but please leave the chick with the “magazine” behind. I have introduced her and included her in things, when she was too intimated to do so on her own. However I am always out to get her and screw her around.

Recently she complained to a person, we both know about me “screwing her” on an interview, Let me set this up for ya folks we went to a venue in Hutchinson Kansas. We have a tradition when we do interviews, where we alternate doing the interviews, I do one, she holds the camera, and vice versa, we also switch off, who does the interview. 90% of the time, if someone is rushed or does not wanna do an interview, I let her do them and I skip mine.{However I am always out to screw her over}. I did an interview with our flip camera, the battery was low, so we made a switch for her interview to doing it off one of her cameras. Now this same camera in the past has screwed not her but me on interviews, it's a simple point and shoot, not a video camera{it has video feature but not a good feature} She does the interview, she the next morning goes to upload it or whatever, and guess what it's not there, So guess what instead of asking questions or examining the equipment, I am automatically out to screw her.

Frankly how does it get to the point? Well these people listen to the wrong people and not letting themselves think for themselves. They sit back and look at me in an odd way, either they get jelouse of what I am doing or they find fault in what they are doing and begin to harbor some form of resentment or hate for me. I have saw this happen in other relationships and friendships I have had over the years. Now a lot of times I have managed to re-pair those relationships and things of that nature. However I used to try to keep things together, because a few years ago, someone told me work with everyone. I have ripped my hair out trying to keep relationships together and keep things smooth, I have stayed up night after night fixing and helping both of these people I mentioned above.

However I am sick of getting accused of this and that, I am sick of dealing with all the “me being out to screw both of these two.” So guess what, if you wanna think I am fucking you and screwing you around, you know what I can't change that. So you can go out and do it all yourself, go out and do it all. As far as I am concerned, I can only do what I can do. If you think I am out to throw you under the bus or screw you over. I can not change that at all, and believe me I am done trying. I do apologize to our little pal above for helping edit all your videos, helping upload all your videos in the past. Helping get interviews and pass around your interview form, believe me, I have held back,week after week of letting the whole world know exactly what I think of you and all your “property’s”.

My view on all this is very simple, I say this week after week and I really mean it this week. I have in the past held back a lot of issues I have with both of the people I have named above. I have wanted to help both of the people above but in some cases, they refuse the help. I have held back a lot of criticism about these 2 people. Now a few years ago, I some how made a transition in my life, personally and professionally to be more nicer, be more held back on issues of the day. Be the stright man and let someone else throw them under the bus, verbally attack them,etc. However I am slowly but surly becoming the “old” Jiggy who let everyone know how much they sucked and how much better I was than them. I may end up going back to that, I may end up just coming out on here on a weekly or daily routine, via and other places and just letting people have it. Things like the above with our 2 pals, seem to push me more and more into that direction.

Finally let's sum this week's column, 1st off I do apologize for ranting about something that in most people's views, are not that big of a deal. The Larry D Trent issue, I will never ever understand, and believe me if the day ever comes for me to bring a lawsuit or some how get my way back onto and into Access TV, I am bringing Larry with me. Now I am sure even after this happens, I will still be out to screw Larry over. On the other hand, our other pal needs to get it together, I guess she's ready to start editing all her videos, posting them all online, getting her own interviews and getting into events on her own. Now I understand that both of these 2 will take issue with what I have said here today and I am sure I will get nasty hateful emails and phone calls from both of them. After they read this column but I am saying things that need to be said!

Jiggy Jaguar

At the time this was written, we had just been sent a very nasty email by someone who proclaims she is a journalist but does not check anything out. She simply just sent me off a nasty email and then once I went back after her for sending this stupid email without checking things out. She tried like crazy to avoid cooking her own goose. She then at a last grasp went out and sent a very nasty email out to me, Now I am not sure what this all accomplishes however at some point. You just have to say it's over and it's done. So that is what I am saying this week, sometimes a moment just arises that you have to say, your done. Like done talking about this topic, ha ha.

Recently I was having dinner with someone and they were chatting with me about all these folks that I have either helped make or helped get started. They eventually all go off and do their own thing. I do not have an issue with that, however I have an issue with the way they do it. Instead of being happy and thankful for me helping get them started in the business or helping them get rolling. They either go off and talk about all the really great things they are gonna do and then do nothing. The Flip side of that argument is they are going off and going to be better than me and crush me. I am so sick of this, I was thinking, you know in the RANT and on the radio, I talk and make a big deal and have an EGO but if I really wanted to have an ego I could and I should go out and be a big cocky prick. I choose not to, I guess you just have to deal with or as Ross says “GET OUT!”
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