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Old 06-27-2011
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Angry Weekly Rant 6/26/2011-Marcia & The HOE!

This week's rant as I write it has no title but I am sure by the end we will have a title for it. The hate and the nastiness is one thing I am personally sick of seeing. This week we need to talk about all the BS and all the clowns,etc. That are just doing nothing but being rude and also not doing themselves any favors. The last 2 weeks I have saw more people getting up and arms over nonsense. A few weeks ago I had a guy on the radio show by the name of Papa Joe out of Topeka Kansas. Papa Joe was on a day when our internet was not the greatest and we recorded the podcast version of the show, plus our syndicated stations sometimes take the show that way. So of course Ross who is the co host could not live stream, so he bolted.

We had Papa Joe on the broadcast, now ever since I have met Papa Joe, he is all about how much people hate him. He promotes his videos on you tube and other places and talks about how many people hate on him. Papa Joe recently got into a “rap feud” with some locals here in Salina Kansas, for what who knows and frankly who cares. Apparently now he is in a feud with me, Yes he keeps doing the same thing they all do and that is have a “beef” with me.

He called into the radio show the other day and said he was coming down and punching me in the face. I have always loved when people make threats to me, they all know where I live & know where I hang out. However they all know they can come find me 24-7 and do just that. I believe Papa Joe is slowly falling into the Willie Parks way of thinking soon. As we all know Willie Loves calling on the phone, he loves calling people up and running onto other radio shows and calling me out. Willie just like the rest of them, all know where I live, how to get a hold of me,etc. Etc. So this leads me into the next case of Marcia Smith Stephenson.

Marcia Smith Stephenson as we all know has her issues with me over Access TV. Marcia can not stand me and has done all she can to tear me down at every turn. Recently we filed a law suit on her in the suspension from Access case. Our lawyer sent them a letter wanting to talk this over or provide proof. What did Access do? Yes their lawyer said, they would have to have a meeting and get back with them. So 2 months later, after basically ignoring our legal team, they sent another letter. Marcia who I am sure is going to ignore this one as well.

Concert Promotions and Promoters, as everyone knows, I do not want to be one but apparently everyone else does. Recently after several failed events at The MUSE event Center here in Salina Kansas. Promoters who have promoted out there or fans or people who used to be promoters in other towns,etc. They have taken to snipping at each other on Social sites around the world. I agree that the Salina Music community was not as strong as it once was. I agree that there is some major issues wrong here but until others began to work together to solve the issues, this will continue to slide down hill and quicker as it goes on longer.

My view on what has happened recently is something Ross termed, the Salina Nastiness, the longer you live in Salina Kansas. The nastier people get and things get for people and what is wrong also with all this is the National economy is at fault as well. The USA and most of the places around the country are in some big time trouble. I am not sure when it will end and I am not sure if it ever will end. However the quicker I can get the hell out of Salina Kansas, the better. I personally if I had the ability to pack up today, I would blow out of this stinking town and onto somewhere where something is going on.

I have lived in Salina Kansas finally for 4-5 years now. I have been trying get the hell out of this town for 3 years. I have been wanting to get away from the nastiness from the petty rap feud between people. I am sick of the people bitching and complaining about how life sucks and they refuse to help change it. I did my best to help get things rolling with concert promotions & I got not a lot of help doing so. I got thrown into it by 2 guys who ended up bailing on me at the last minute. As far as Marcia Smith Stephenson she will eventually get nailed on her issues and have to deal with them.

Jiggy Jaguar
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