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Old 07-03-2011
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Post Weekly Rant: 7/3/2011-Papa Joe and Box-A-Buddy

This week's Weekly rant was scheduled to be about Papa Joe and his Box-A-Buddy match that is coming up in August. However I chose to go after The MUSE ballroom and The MUSE event Center. However that rant is coming in the next few weeks, I am going to go on the same routine and that is Mr. Papa Joe. Now Papa Joe has determined he needs to go after me and get a fight with me? I am hoping this week, we do not run off Papa Joe but I am going to layout the game plan and layout what is going to happen with Joe in August 2011. This week I will layout my game plan and do this because I am confident that I will win, 100%. Papa Joe's game plan will be laid out because I have a face book spy who got it off his face book page. I will reveal what Papa Joe's game plan should be against me. Plus I will fill everyone in on how we got to this point and where we are headed here.

How did we get into box-a-buddy match? Let me explain this to you, I had Papa Joe on the radio program about a month ago. Papa Joe was on for 3 hrs striation and he trashed everyone you could possibly think of. He trashed Salina Kansas rappers, he trashed one of the producers in Salina Kansas, Head Trip and he went on to trash one of the new Salina rappers, Yung Mane. Papa Joe went on to trash some people from Topeka Kansas and beyond. After this show was posted as a podcast and also the video made it's way around the internet. Papa Hoe went onto a tirade and trash me on Facebook and beyond. Papa Joe went on to call into the radio program the following week and threaten to slap me on Ustream. Funny, we do not use Ustream, we use live stream, and I had used Ustream this weekend and I have the footage on to prove, I did not get slapped on Ustream. Plus Papa Joe had been wanting to throw a show in Salina Kansas at The MUSE featuring Jelly Roll, I have been trying to get a date out of Johnny Kim for that show. Mr. Kim refused to give me one because he did not know who Jelly Roll was, I even had members of SA Crunkk and Sick and Twisted explain to Mr. Kim who Jelly Roll was. When Johnny and Papa Joe finally talked, Joe told me Mr. Kim had never been told about the show. Thus I have been thrown under the bus by Johnny Kim once again and now Papa Joe and I are now running into each other in a fight in August.

What should be Papa Joe's game plan going into this fight. Yes I am going to tell Papa Joe how he can defeat me and kick my ass at Box-A-Buddy in August. 1, it's a crowd call, yes bring as many people as you can to cheer you onto victory. So start selling tickets big guy and lets pack that place out with Papa Joe Fans. I would like to be like Shawn Michaels walking into Canada against Bret Hart, I want it to be wall to wall Papa Joe fans. 2nd thing I would like to in part to Joe and that is be in better shape than me. Go off and do as much cardio and weights as you can, lift daily and go out and run like a madman when you can. Do it in the heat and do it in the night air and make sure you are in better shape than me. 3Rd, go find a boxing coach and learn as much as you can about boxing because believe me if you are boxing, you need to learn how to box.

Papa Joe's game plan is going to be to throw some jabs and bounce around the ring, followed by ducking a hook from me and then throwing a right cross over the top. Wait, why would you think I am going to let you bounce around the ring like Ali? Also do you think I am going to throw any looping hooks , oh yeah he has saw a bunch of fights that are 4-5 years old. I have never improved since then. I have been just training the same since 2000. Come on dude, please do not reveal your game plan on the internet. Second, why would you think this is going to be something I will be doing? Finally do you think I am just going to do what you want me to?

My game plan is very simple, if you have ever been hit by a semi, go out and relive that moment. I am going to hit you as hard as you have ever been hitten in the face. I am going to blast you in the head, the gut and I am going to be on you like stink on shit. Believe me, it's going to feel like 10 minutes of wreckage after you get done from it being 45-48 seconds of action. The fight itself will be a torrid affair, believe me, you are going to want to quit after that first round. I also want to give you a prediction, you will be injured after the fight. I am not going to injure you. Your going to do it to yourself, plan on it.

My View on all this is very simple, I will win, I will win period. I am not losing this fight. Only way I lose this,is if papa Joe brings 800 people to the venue and they boo me out of the building. If Papa Joe happens to avoid getting injured before the end of the fight. Let's follow up on that, when I say injure yourself. I mean everyone gets so frustrated by my promos and my hype talk and my fighting style, that they always injure themselves. Dave The Pop Guy ripped his shoulder muscle trying to take my head off. Jerry Tipton broke his hand on my head by trying to uppercut me. Believe me your walking out of the ring and walking into a hospital room.

Finally let's do this, after the fight is over with, whether it's win or lose or draw, I would like to end this feud. I would like to have you back on the radio show and let ya run your mouth again and I would like to do more video interviews with you and talk with more of your artists on the label. I would like to have ya generate some calls for the radio show when your on. I would like you to finally see that Johnny Kim threw me under the bus when he was trying to cover up the fact that he did not want to book Jelly Roll in his venue. Papa Joe I am hoping saw this and wanted to go out and start training and get into decent shape and shows up and brings 800 people with him and packs the building and kicks my ass all over The Ramada Inn.

Jiggy Jaguar
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