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Old 07-24-2011
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Angry The Weekly Rant {7/24/2011}-I should never do internet radio

This week we do from time to time see or hear about other net radio and webradio stations who may or may not want to carry our program. I usually do a follow up some sort with the company to see what we can do about getting the program on. After I ended up touching base with this company this week called Wow did I get myself into some sort of odd thing and scenario. I spoke with the head of the company who of course everyone always has been in the “business” for years and has all this knowledge and know how. He proceeds to tell me how much I suck and all, so this week's rant, we discuss his call with me and my thoughts on

As I mentioned earlier I from time to time run into assholes in the radio biz, believe me there are a hell of a lot of them. Now most everyone who works in radio and has worked in radio knows that most people in the radio world are either cocky pricks or assholes with huge ego's. I am not saying something here that people are going to be shocked by. Most people in the business know this and just know it's part of it. Much like people who deal with the fitness world knows that everyone in the business looks great and acts like they are million dollars but everyone there knows they are all huge conceded pricks, why?, because they look like a million dollars and you don't.

I spoke with a guy this week by the name of Brian Saul who works currently for or dot net or whatever the hell the company is called. How we got to the point, was a simple email I had sent about them carrying the show turned into a full fledged email about being in the running for job there. Wait, I am in a pool with 3-4 other people about hosting a radio program there and getting paid for it? They wanted all sorts of things and material from me about me and the program. Let me get this straight a simple email about picking up my show, turned into a job search to be in the running with 4 other people, however they need material from me as to why I believe I should be hired? Did you just get all that?

Like the idiot that I am, I went ahead and sent them all the material and even hit them up with a follow up phone call. So I know going into this, talking on the phone is a no no in the radio world, I have for a long time known, that a big no is to try to get a radio person to speak to you on the phone. I go ahead and call this guy, now he knows before he gets me on the phone, what I can do and he has checked everything out. He knows I have a video on you tube with Mushroom head{which has 10,000 views},I have audio and video interviews with Eddie Money,Dean Koontz,William Shatner,etc. He knows I have been on air since 1993 & has been included in several books and done tons of radio shows and TV programs.

This guy proceeds to try and attempt to deflate my chances of being involved with his project. He begins to trash the guests and the topics we cover on air. He begins to tear down my radio interviews and how I do them. He begins to insult everything I have done and all from the past 20+ years of being involved in broadcasting. Now wait a second here? He sent me the email about wanting to hire me, he also let me know I am involved in a job pool with 3-4 other people, he also begins to tell me I am unqualified to be involved in his start up radio and internet broadcasting brand. Do you get this, because believe me I am in the dark on this. A guy who started back in 2000 & 2001 doing internet radio with like 3-4 others who are still around. I hope the other 3 people he is courting are named Rush/Beck/Savage and Hannity because if not, get the fuck out of here.

I figured since this guy is such a know it all, I figured I would go threw his qualifications and call his list of references that he provided me. Guess what most of the people he passed onto me, A, Did not call me back or B did not pick up the 1st time I called them. I understand most of the people I would have gotten on the line would have spoke like this guy created the radio. I eventually asked him to come on the program. So we shall see next week when we have this SOB on the radio program.

Understanding this week's rant, if this guy or anyone connected to him gets wind of this. I may be screwed in this business or trying to get back into the brick and mortar radio business. Here is the deal as anyone knows, I do not care for what people think. I have accomplished a hell of a lot in the business and I have always done it my way. I could care less if I ever get back into the radio world, believe me I will be okay. I will continue to have my brand and my marginal degree of fame. I could careless about this. I have been on top of the world and been on top of the bottom of the heap. I will be okay.

My view on all this, this week I have had some odd things take place in regards to getting work in the broadcast business. I would love to get back into regular radio and do what I loved and have loved doing since I was a small kid for a lot of money. Not to say we do not have fun doing what we do every Sunday afternoon. We do a lot of videos and have a lot of fun doing the video casting thing. However I would give it all up, if I could walk into the doors of a broadcasting facility and crack open a microphone and know people listening on their car radios could hear me. I would do it, however I know that when we do the same thing with radio and I have built a legacy and a brand since 1993 that is very impressive, I know I have made it and I could care less if I have bills to pay and basically no income from The Jiggy Jaguar brand coming in.

Finally let's wrap it up this week by saying a few things that need to be said. If Dean Koontz and others thought I sucked, why would people keep coming to me to do interviews? Why would when I hit up people like Fog hat and others who have legendary careers, why would they give me a green light? I love the fact I have built a blockbuster of a brand name and known all over the planet earth. Radio broadcasting professionals love what we do and listen to what we do and monitor every move we make but they will never go to bat for me or get me a spot in radio. One final thing about the radio business that outsiders do not know, once you get a spot in radio, you keep it. You do not let the next generation come along and take your spot and shove you out the door. A comedian one time said,”People think babies who laugh at you the 1st time they see you are cute?, That baby is saying in it's head, “your next”. Because guess what the next generation is coming, for your spot.

Jiggy Jaguar
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