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Old 09-19-2011
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Thumbs up Weekly Rant: Why I am back in Hutchinson Ks USA{9/18/2011}

This week inside The Weekly Rant we talk about why I moved back to Hutchinson Kansas. I will talk about the event coverage we plan on doing and why we were never allowed to do this in Salina Kansas USA. The friends that came back for and that back me here and the team I left behind in the Great city of Salina. The local music scene and why I have come back home. The radio and media peers that I came back to the Great Salt City for. The Respect and no media exclusives that exist here. Finally my view on what is really going on and one of the biggest reasons I left Salina Kansas behind.

I moved from Salina Kansas back to Hutchinson Kansas for many reasons but one of them was the media coverage. I recently wrapped up a total of 4 events that I covered this week in Hutchinson Kansas. I have not covered 4 events in 1 single week since 2008. I covered 3rd Thursday in downtown Hutchinson. I covered the Kansas State Fair and some events at The Metro in H town. I have not had to deal with all the nonsense from someone calling ahead and locking me out of the events. I have not had to deal with other media in town locking me out due to a “Media Exclusive”. I got to be welcomed in with open arms and did not have to deal with smirks and nonsense from these people I am covering.

The friends that I came back here for, I have spent years now talking at least 1 time a day to what I now call my best friend Chris Schorder who you know as “Cousin Chris” from Jiggy Jag TV. I also have some great workout partners here in the form of “Robsobi” and “Jeaves The 1st Knight of The Empire”. I have some other great friends and business partners that I will not name because frankly there are too many to name in the time I have allotted here. I have people I have made friends over the years since I lived here in 2004 and some I have made since I have lived in Salina Kansas since 2007.

The local music scene is one of the reasons I came back here to H town. The local music scene here in Hutchinson Kansas is one of the great things that I have loved about Hutchinson. We are talking original music and content, not a thousand cover bands. The scene here is a mix and I love every minute of it. I have a lot of great connections here in Hutchinson from the Metal to the Rock scene to the Hip Hop scene. I also have managed to get hooked back up with a few people in the musical world here, who will in the future be able to help me make some money on the side and believe me if anyone knows me, I need money just like the next guy.

The Radio peers and media peers here in Hutchinson Kansas. These people do not spend their whole time cutting my throat. I spent many of times in Salina Kansas watching out for the knives that I was gonna get nailed into my back. I spent a lot of my time fighting off my foes and fighting off the media exclusives and all the crap that other media put in my way. Let me tell you something I touched down here in Hutchinson and within 3 weeks, I have already had conversations, friendly conversations with both radio groups in town, I have a ton of friends at both groups. I have chatted with my friends at the newspaper and I will eventually chat with the magazines and alternative media in town. It's so god damn refreshing not having to avoid the other media in town and get word from people about something “Cluck” or someone has said about me behind my back.

This week I had a fellow broadcaster hit me up on the social sites and asked me to come down and see him. I thought it was something odd, wow someone in the media wanting to chat with me? I went and met with this guy and turns out, he's a fan. He is a HUGE fan of my work, he was a genuine fan not some clown who said I was great then turned around and talked millions of smack about me. He talked shop with me and we have hit it off and hell I think I may have made a new friend here? What that would have never happened in Salina Kansas USA.

My view on all this is simple, one final point here. One of the biggest reasons I came to Hutchinson Kansas from Salina KS. Back home, I started KJAG Radio here in Hutchinson Kansas and I also started The MIC online magazine after I gained control of it from “Joyful”. I went from McPherson to Salina and now I am back in Hutchinson Kansas to enjoy the empire that I have built up all over the state of Kansas. I am known all over the globe and I have a great big following but I can be appreciated here in Hutchinson Kansas and not hated or envied for my success like I was in Salina Kansas.

Finally I will not say Salina is not all bad, I helped establish a damn good team of media journalists in Salina. I left behind a great team of photographers and video people and reviewers and writers in Salina. I have left behind a great legacy behind me and I have left behind a great deal of memory’s I plan on making new one's where I am, at some point I will move on from Hutchinson Kansas whether it's because I am snapped up by a mainstream radio station for employment. Whether it's because I move on for whatever reason or another. However I am in The Great Salt City for a great deal of time. I look forward to the next challenge and I look forward to the next great adventure, I ask you to come with me into the new era in The Jiggy Jaguar Universe.

Jiggy Jaguar
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