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Old 05-01-2011
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Weekly Rant:5/1/2011 The Trump in 2012

The choice for Donald Trump is nearing it's completion, he needs to determine if he is gonna be running for president. I believe the guy could win or get smashed by Obama, however this week I finally weigh in on Trump in 2012. We will talk about the fact he may have a shot but we also talk about the other end of things, of him having not a ghost of a chance to get into the office of Commander and chief in Washington, DC.

Trump has a shot, Yes I believe he has a shot, he said the right things in the beginning, he appeals to people that are pissed. He appeals to people who are sick of gas prices being high, wars that will not end. Trump is big with the GOP members because he is a millionaire and has done the work to become that way. Trump goes off on people who think not like him, and he is all the anti Obama. Trump would appeal to people who are pissed just like Obama appealed to people who were hopeless with Bush in the power seat. Trump could very well win if he goes after the Dem's and gets the right wing to help him out and get the Hannitys and Rush's and Levin's of the world.

Trump has no shot, just like I told you he had a shot. Guess what this
guy is so fucked, and yes I said he is fucked! Trump goes out on these missions like trying to figure out that our President is not a member of the citizenry of the United States of America. Trump goes out and cuss's out our government officials at events in Vegas. Trump yells and screams on the talk shows and looks like a raving nut job. Trump is already screwed because people like Mahre and people like Maddow and the like on MSNBC are already going after this man.

Trump got the people's attention on CNN, when he was on Pieres Morgan. Trump said he would be tough on China, the gas prices,etc. Trump came out barn storming with tough talk on the world. Trump can not come out and run but believe me, he may go for it. Trump has the world watching ever since he told CNN, what he would do. I was one of those believers, I would have voted for that Trump and would help push the guy. Trump however has gone onto the odd side of the fence and now he has gone down the crazy route.

Trump and his Obama bashing, he has started out great but now is crazy and getting crazier. Trump went out and started helping out and cozening up to the Tea Party. Trump is now going off on this birth-er rant and saying, Barry is not of this country. Trump got that defeated and now is on this, “His school records” need to be out there. Trump need to start talking issues and not running off about crap that he can not change. If Trump went off on Housing prices and Gas prices, he could make some more momentum.

Trump and his endless media crap for ratings, yes Trump is making the rounds. Trump is out trying to get people to vote for him, if he runs? Trump believe me is prob. Not running and he is actually trying to get ratings and numbers for his show on NBC. Trump has a probability of 50/50, of actually going for it. I don’t think he will run, I would vote for him if he ran. I would love to see the Trump that showed up on Piers on CNN and the Obama that was great in 2008 would come out and lets see the Dems v GOP.

Finally lets wrap this up by saying if Trump runs for president, we have maybe a cool race for the office. If we do not see Trump run, guess what it may be like McCain v Barry, not very interesting and a sweep for Barry. So let's sit back and always I will be ranting about the Donald. If NBC makes him a big money offer for a next Season we will not see him in there. If NBC knows they need to say something but who knows.

Jiggy Jaguar
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