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Old 05-29-2011
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Thumbs up Weekly Rant: 5/29/2011-Ed Schultz Apology

This week's rant can be at best at about Ma copa's or apologizing for things you may say basically it's about Ed Schultz who is a liberal talk show host on radio and works on MSNBC. Schultz apologized to Laura Ingram who is a right wing talk show host. I admire Ed and I can not stand Laura so I did not see any need for an apology. However this week we will talk about apology’s and all that is involved with them. I was planning on coming on this week and bashing my 2 former concert production partners in Michael J Myers and Patrick Soden, or AKA Shatner & Budda. However I figure we will just leave that for some other week. Since Big Eddie is the hot story in the blogs and all, we will focus on him.

Ed Schultz appeal, Why is this guy such a firebrand? I like the guys passion for issues. I also like his attitude. Ed is positive and also does one thing I love which is talk trash on other members of the media, he hates Rush and Hannity{who he calls Slant head}. Ed is like Rush only to the liberal left wing media in the country. Ed is a guy who goes off on people on the right and is basically what Olberman was before he got yanked off MSNBC. Ed Schultz is a hell of a guy and loves his country and loves the side he is on and he used to be a right wing guy and went left and is a hero to the liberal world.

Ed going off on people is a legendary thing, he bashes people on both sides. Ed has taken in after the right wing guys on his TV and Radio programs. Ed spends some of his time going off on Liberal talkers. One thing I like that Ed did recently was another host was going off on him and Ed actually called into dude's radio show and let the host have it. Rush or Hannity would never do that, Stern would never do that, Jim Rome would NEVER fricken have the balls to do any of that. Thats why I like Ed Schultz.

Ed and his slip of the tongue recently made it all over the blogs and internet. Ed Schultz recently went off on Laura Ingram on his radio program about calling her a “right wing slut”. Ed had this happen and it took a day or so to make it all over the globe via the internet. Ed spoke about it on his radio show and it picked up some steam after the right wing attack machine grabbed the remark and went off on Big Eddie. Ed would then that evening go on his TV program and apologize for the remark and take himself off the air for a week or so.

Ed's apology in my opinion, I believe it was heartfelt. I believe that he thought it would be a throw away remark. Ed basically got the shock of his life when Com cast the parent company of his MSNBC TV home told him what fore. Ed looked scared too death and was probably thinking he was gonna be taken off the air for good. Keith Olberman was the 1st causality of the Com cast take over last year. Ed I think did not want it to brand him like Don Imus and ruin his TV career, because kids, he can;t go to Fox News or go to CNN.

Right wing smear machine and left wing smear machine is at it again, I mentioned this earlier, and it's what happened. The left wing watch groups like Brent Bozzell's company and others ran with the Eddie remark and made it bigger than it is. Right wing talk radio and Fox News ran with the story as well and made it bigger than it is. It happens all the time, one will get 1 and the other will try to get one. I remember when Keith Olberman got shot down by MSNBC, the Left went after everyone trying to get people like Hannity and Rush and Beck and O'reilly. Fox news handed the left 1 with Beck being dumped off their air. However if the left nails down Big Eddie Schultz, the left is gonna go ape shit and try to get 1. It's the game they all play in media and most people who are not media watchers do not see it or pay that much attention

What I think of it all, I think Ed should have apologized when it became so big, he could not avoid it. However it's basically a throw away remark, Rush and Hannity make them all the time and no one is after them. Ed is a big target right now with the right wing guys because he has a successful TV program and is looking at kicking down the door for Fox News 9pm CNT/10pm EST spot. Ed also is slowly gaining steam on radio with his show. I like Ed and I am becoming a bigger fan by the day so I wanted him to save his spot. However he did not need to apologize for the remark because Rush and them did not and are not being nailed down by comments by the week or the day.

Finally let's look at the story here, it's about the right wing seeing their a crack in the wall that is Ed Schultz. MSNBC is slowly making the trend in beating Fox News in the demo and they may have to make a change in their prime time lineup. Ed is the guy who has taken the outspoken spot when they lost Keith Olberman. Ed Schultz is a great guy and does not believe that Laura Ingram is not a slut, much like Rush does not believe that Obama is a “Magic Negro”. I will continue to watch the media and I will continue to monitor and write about the media.

Jiggy Jaguar
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