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Old 07-10-2011
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Arrow Weekly Rant: 7/10/2011-The Toxic brand

The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show was rocked today by the announcement that Ross Long from quit the radio show. Ross is leaving the broadcast to focus on other aspects of his video career. Now Ross is been wit the program for about a year and he will be leaving the program come August of this year. This week we talk about why the brand is so toxic and why it is so successful. The sites get hits and we have listeners and we have millions of viewers around the world. Now the view on this from the outside is not mine this week it's the look of the people who look in on us. Meanwhile our pals Marcia Smith and Hollywood Ed Baldwin are back and are running their mouths.

Why is this brand so toxic? Why is it we can not attract mainstream advertisers? Why is it we can not gain an edge in the market place of ideas and why is it some of my name in most cases is mud? I will tell ya one of the reasons we do not compete with others is simply edge. Yes we have an Edge from the Mainstream folks such as local newspaper sites & local broadcast company’s However we get numbers and out and about we are the most recognizable brand in the business in and out.

Marcia and Hollywood Ed Baldwin are continuing to spread their lies. Recently I got a phone call from a guy who I have known for many years. This guy went on a explanation that apparently after the court case that we did back last year. We lost all of our numbers and we lost all of our pull and we lost everything and was in shambles. Really....Really...Really? Yes apparently considering we won that case we now have been just all about losing traction. Believe me nothing could be further than the truth. We are bigger and better than we have ever been before...

Website hits and traffic is up and has been way up and I am not doing this because it's not and I am trying to cover it up or something of that nature. No, the traffic hits are on the website and has been on the website for a year now. Hell good example of this is today before we went on the air at 2pm Central/3pm Eastern. We had 230 hits to & why are they going there? Content and content. The KJAG Radio site and our other networks whether it's The Mic Online Magazine or anything else including our new venture OVER Huge and I mean HUGE as a mo-fo and believe it is just getting started folks.

We get viewers even if we are a toxic brand, What I mean here is for instance a lot of people bitch and complain about the porn chicks and all the nonsense we do on the program. Guess what people are so desperate for our content and what we do. I can not get it listed online via blogs/Websites/social networks/etc before someone has hit it. People are sitting at their desks and such, refreshing and refreshing till they see content. Son of a bitch let's go for it and believe me we have and we will continue to do so. Wheather we get listeners and viewers from any of the co-hosts we have had on the broadcast to anything else we have done.

The history of co-hosts from the years have been a revolving door. For instance when we had Shatner back in the day doing the radio program with us. We had massive amounts of people who tuned in because they wanted to hear his comments and hear what he was going to do. When we had Matt From Florida on the program, people loved him and loved his humor and we played well off each other. Matt and I pulled the wool over everyone's eyes from years to years on Now with the Ross Long years we have had a great series of moments from the Skype interviews to other things that we have done. All of it, great and all of it we have online from his website to mine.

My view is not my view this week, I can not tell not you my view yet, because I actually don't have one. However the views from people who have listened live and heard stuff today, from face book messages, to tweets to personal phone calls. People are excited as punch that Ross is leaving, I can not tell ya one person who has sent me a message or called me within an hr here who are bummed by him leaving the program. I am not real sure why he turned people off and why so many are pissed but believe me, for all the people who are glad he's gone, there are some are sad and believe me they will stop tuning in because he is not on anymore.

Finally this week, we attempted to throw together some thoughts on why the brand is toxic? I attempted to provide some interesting reading material. The Ed Baldwins and Marcia Stephenson of the world can lie about what we do and our numbers and such but they have no clue and never will. They need to get their house in order before they start lodging stones at mine. The loss of Ross Long to the broadcast I am sure in time will be felt and believe me I will feel it behind the scenes not in front of them as always. However I will continue to do what I do best and that is adapt and come threw the other side like I always do.

Jiggy Jaguar
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