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Old 07-17-2011
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Post Weekly Rant: The Revolving Door of Co Hosts{7/24/2011}

Weekly Rant: The Revolving Door of Co Hosts

Last week on the Radio program, we had something happen that has happened many times before. Ross Long our newsman and long time tag team partner announced that he was leaving the broadcast after being on the air for about a year with us. Believe me Ross Long is not the 1st and will not be the last. Ross has been involved with the broadcast for about a year. This week in the rant, we talk about the revolving door of co hosts. We talk Michael Myers & Buddha this week from when they were involved with the program in 2000-2001. Matt from Florida and all the craziness from Alternacast and . Cousin Chris is talked about as well this week in the door of revolving co-hosts. We touch on Ross Long as well. Why do we have co-hosts and I will also tell ya about my view on co hosts.

Michael Myers or The Magician when he was involved with the broadcast. Myers was our 1st co host and he would not be the last. Myers and myself would have many talked about bits and hits from the good ol days of the program. Myers and myself used to do a tape recorded version of the show, then upload the shows later to our site, long before a “Podcast” took place online, we were doing it. Myers and I of course drifted apart, he would eventually leave the show for one reason or another.

Matt from Florida came into the program, after he became a prank caller to our program back in Lycos Talk Radio days. Matt would then become a regular co-host to our program via and Matt from Florida would become just a HUGE hit to the program. We would do all sorts of things from talking trash on other hosts & calling into other hosts programs. Matt would leave the broadcast in middle of 2004, once Alterncast and would leave the air waves, we would leave our time with Matt. Matt would make various stops on our program throughout the years.

Cousin Chris was on our program off and on from 2004 till 2009. Chris was our co host on Jiggy Jag TV and eventually became a co host on The radio program. Chris and I have been friends for a number of years. Chris and myself have great talks about Wrestling and other topics on the program. Chris knows a lot of the people who have been on the show. Chris and myself used to host a monthly podcast and special radio show on on Friday evenings, monthly. The program featured a lot of banter back and 4th between us and sometimes callers.

Ross Long came to the program about a year ago, Ross was at first the tech guy behind the scenes with Live stream and Skype video. He would eventually morph into the co host of the program. Ross would add his perspective on issues of the day. Ross would eventually leave the program after several incidents where the program was not going in the direction of what he wanted it to or envisioned it was going. My view on what Ross did and will do, I believe that once Ross is off the program for good. We will never see him again, I think he will become like all the other co hosts and past people who have been involved with the program, who say they are going off to do great things and do not. Ross has been on of the most hated co hosts in the history of the program, I get more hate mail and feedback from people who can not stand the guy. I always thought Chris got negative feedback but Ross by far has beat him.

Why co hosts? I have done the show with and without co hosts. I find the program goes better when I have people to play off of. I think the program goes more smooth when I do not have co hosts but I think the show is more entertaining when we have co hosts. Currently we have a good vibe going with guests and Skype guests and I think we are going to be slowly moving into a Morning Zoo type environment where we bring in all sorts of random people and not so much co hosts but people that are in studio, similar to a Howard Stern feel.

Finally let's look back on the co hosts, We had Cousin Chris who was great on Jiggy Jag TV and he was great on the monthly Friday Night special on However I think week in week out, Chris could not cut it, because he is a great and funny guy but could not do it week in and week out. Ross was great on the program, but a lot of people did not like his banter and his way of bringing the show down. Matt from Florida was great and he was one guy who knew his spot and he knew his weakness and did not do things he knew he would not be able to do. Shatner and even Buddha was great but in a studio environment, I think they would not do well because they are not radio trained and not comedy people, see if Romie Lee{local comic in Salina Kansas} was a co host on the program. I believe he could handle it, he knows he does not have to talk 24-7 on the program and be selective with his comments. I do not see anything wrong with the co hosts we have had on the program but I do not see it because I am in it and not an outsider looking onto the broadcast.

Jiggy Jaguar
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