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Old 08-14-2011
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Exclamation Weekly Rant: 8/14/2011-The Parasites

The week of 8/14 should prove to be a good one in the weekly rant. The Parasites is this week's title and this week we talk parasites. Radio feuds can be saw as a improvement in ratings and numbers however this also can be a fun thing as showed by history. Opie and Anthony have feuded with Howard Stern and now they work for the same company. Others have feuded in the past such as JT The Brick attempted to feud with Jim Rome, Rome would not give the dude the time of day, so thus the feud goes no where.

This brings us to this week internet radio and fake media feud with me, yes it's laughable and yes I am not sure why I am writing about this. The fake media and my pals in internet radio often love to attack me. One of the reasons is because I am the big dog, I have been in the business for years, count them almost 20. You attack the biggest guy in the yard to make a rep, it's like the prison system. You get locked up and want to make someone respect you, find the biggest guy in the place and slap him around. This is what is happening here, I have mainstream experience and I have things that these clowns will never be able to attain.

Big Dumb Fun Show, I have had an off and on again feud with these guys for years. One of the reasons this happened was partially my fault I went on bad information. Then this issue got piped up more is because of that dolt Willie Parks out of KC, yes we have talked about Willie in the past as he is the hack photographer from Kansas City who slimes his way into venues and has not accomplished much in the biz. Myself and The BDFS are now pals and have a friendly respect for each other, Case closed.

C Sinful from Sinful Sisters has recently opened her clap trap and by clap I mean,well forget it. Recently she attacked me on twitter after a friendly invite on my radio program. I figured we were cool at the Taproot show after she begged like mad to have her way back there. I even let her participate in in the interview. She then goes on some epic tweet thing about me being a shit talker and I talk trash on people. I will acknowledge I talk trash, but please provide some material as back up because if not, please get on the plane, wave to the fans and go away. I determined to go and promote her new site, and I happen to make 1 mistake and she hammered me again. I kept up the positive vibes and she kept with the negative vibes. Then finally she pushed my button and I nailed her butt to the wall on twitter. Then they told me they were angry about me attacking their media affiliates.

Now who the hell is she? She is some bar chick who is on a low rated internet radio program on a low rated internet station in Wichita Kansas. She has been involved in a ton of music events sponsored by her pals, yes Thomas Lamb of Mega Metal Magazine. Now when I get to this, Thomas is still up to his old tricks of plagiarism and making stuff up and sneaking into the venues for events and scamming people. To her credit Amanda Craigg, Tommy Boys girlfriend and owner of In the Now magazine is trying to change the image. Personally from what she has told mutual friends, she is waiting for Thomas to complete his death wish so she run their ship the right way. However back to our pal C, she has never done anything in the biz and basically is just a FAN.

I mentioned earlier that she has NO room to talk with being pals with Thomas Lamb and all his pals. So what do we make of this C sinful chick? We can talk smack on her online and off all day long. However she will do much like all the wanna be and fake media and the like. She will be a FAN forever and a day. Now I am assuming she will do much like all band groupies, she will prevail on the social sites that she is in for music and to help the scene, when really all she is in it for is to get into shows for free & screw band members. All the while she says she is “media” with her 2-5 listeners on the low rated station she is on.

My view on all this is so simple, I could care less if she is hanging out with the parasites{Thomas Lamb}. I could care less if she is trying to get numbers by attacking me on the social sites so I will talk about her, so all my listeners and followers will then pay attention to her. No one in Wichita Kansas could careless about your “Indy music” format flip and they could care less about your show that you voice track, because we know you guys refuse to go live on the station. So go back to your hide y hole and shut up and act like your a big star and people love ya, continue to slime your way into venues instead of doing actual work like I do to get all my interviews.

Finally my issue with her was never anything, I actually thought we were pals. I hung out with her at the Taproot show and thought we were all buddies. Then for whatever reason she thought well I am going to be nasty to Jiggy, so he can write and say things about me and drive traffic to my site. I could spend weeks on weeks bashing and telling truths about what you do and have done, because once that “tweet feud” started, I got emails like mad from everyone who has shared some info with me. I could be a real dick and put it out there. However I will just sit on it and if we need to I will flush it out there and wow, wow we will really find out why you have the name “Sinful Sister”.

Jiggy Jaguar
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