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Old 08-21-2011
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Thumbs down Weekly Rant: 8/28/2011-Mea culpa

Last week's rant was not one of my finest moments, Last week's fans got my fans who have been with me since 1993, that got them a ton of props and coolness and as the rappers say “Props”. However I sat around most of the week and I have talked back and 4th with my fellow musicians and supporters and I am about to do something that I have not done much, reason is my view on things is people who apologize usually do not mean it because of the old saying, “Think before you speak”. So I think if that’s the deal, people should never apologize. I feel like I may have over stepped my bounds last week in the rant. I from time to time say things that even make me shake my head and think how the hell I could say that?

However with that in mind, I would like to extend a deep and sincere apology to Thomas Lamb from Mega Metal Magazine. Now I understand that Thomas will still hate me and still try to bury me behind the scenes. Thomas will continue to send out nasty messages and phone calls to record labels. Thomas will continue to attack me and slander me to bands from all over the planet. However I am more than willing to bury the hatchet with Thomas. However as always he will not and can not bury the hatchet with me. For every apology and olive branch that I extend to this guy, he will call and email people behind the scenes and bury me to everyone. I understand whether they admit it or not he observes a lot of things that I do and a lot of the stuff he has done in his interviews,etc. He borrowed from what me and what we do here.

More importantly Ceanndra Carpenter C Sinful from The Sinful Sisters. I should have just kept my thoughts to myself but I did not and made them public. I let my personal issues with her and from what I still do not understand her hate for me, which no one still has not explained to me. I know where I am wrong & hell if I can make up with Jett Fox and be her pal, I can say I apologize to C from The Sinful Sisters. She will not explain and after a few emails I exchanged with some people who tried to bring me and her to the table to smash this beef, she will not explain why she went from being my “pal” at the Taproot show in Salina Kansas to now can not stand me and can not supply me with knowledge of why and such. I get the ol' “Well you know what you did”. Okay now that we have gotten to this point, I just have to say, it does not matter. Just know I am apologizing and I am moving on and will no longer say a negative thing about you, whether you do about me is up to you, however I am officially smashing the beef right here.

What something a lot of people miss about me an what people like Tom Smalling from Beneath the burning sun does get. I like to push buttons, I like to stir the pot, I like to get a reaction. I have heard from people that do not get this & I have heard from people who do get this. Let's get this straight right now, If you pay attention to everything I say,write,promote,etc. And get offended by some of the things I say, I got a reaction from you. Let me mention this, I own a pink backpack and I used to take that damn thing everywhere. Guess what kids, I had a lot of people stop me on the street and in places that I frequent, “why do you have a pink bag?” My answer,” because I wanted you to ask me.”

I am currently restructuring my life and looking back at my faults and trying to improve on the future. I have in the past wanted to work with everyone in the world and get every media group and all involved with me. However guess what happens to me, I get no sharing and no giveback, however they take take take. So I then I take the task of being by myself and doing everything on my own, what happens? I want to share the wealth and I want to network and team up with those around me. So what happens here and what do we do here, I work with those who would like to work with me. I have lots of connections in the media world and I have a TON of people who can not stand me and try to tear me down at every step of the way.

I understand that I am a very powerful voice in the media. I understand I have a lot of people paying attention to me. I sometimes sit back and think, man oh man I should take better care of this power I have. I am not just some young punk who is running his mouth to the world, I have a lot of eyeballs on me. I should take care to not disrespect the world or take the power I have for granted. The world is watching, It's not an ego thing, the world is truly watching me. One of my great friends Cash Hollistah told me a few months back, that I need to watch what I say and do, because you have a lot of viewers and you have a lot of influence.

My view on this should be that I take care to not run my mouth, believe me the internet lives forever. I know back in the day and still to this day, I have people who will read this and say, “Jiggy you have changed.” No I think at some point, we all need to change and we all need to morph and make changes in their lives. I am not saying that I am going to soften up and go belly up on the controversial end of things. I am going to be the same SOB who runs his mouth and stirs stuff up. I just should not be as public with my thoughts? Who knows I am sure I will get a lot of “you've gone soft” emails which believe me if I had, or have. You will all be here next week to read the column or listen to the radio show or watch my next video.

Finally Lets sum this up by saying a few things, I every once in awhile feel like I have stepped over the line. Hell maybe it's me getting old but I would like to keep everyone on the same page and I know that the things I say have consequences. I could re-structure the way we do things and I could move and change the way I would like to. I have said some odd things and the people that know me, know a lot of the crap that fly’s out of my mind, is a gimmick. I could be a 24-7 gimmick and boy howdy I would like to take stuff back sometimes but once it's out there, I am just screwed big time and could never make back up what I have done or said. In conclusion the people who know me and are key to my life, they know it and they know its all talk. However as Cash Hollistah told me one time, I am a very powerful voice in the media and you have a lot of people who are paying attention to you.

Jiggy Jaguar

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