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Old 01-13-2005
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Ryan Hull quits CrystalOne

As many of you may have heard over the last week, Ryan Hull no longer does a show for our station. It is unfortunate that things turned out this way but since alot of you do have questions about exactly what happened, CrystalOne has decided to release an official statement about the actions of Ryan Hull and why he decided to quit.

First off I'd like to clear up some things so that people understand the facts, and not the lies being thrown around by Ryan and his croonies. Ryan Hull was not fired, he decided to quit. It was his decision and his decision alone. This is not the first time Ryan has decided to quit, he has quit from various other stations over the years, because this is what he does. He is a primadonna. I wouldn't fire him because of one simple reason, him and I are a good partnership. Yes, we don't like each other. Yes, we argue alot. But the simple fact is those things make for good radio. People would always tell me after one our more heated arguments how much they enjoyed the show, and how we should have partnered up back when we met a few years back.

-Why Ryan quit-

Ryan cancelled 2 shows unilaterally in a row with no warning to either me or our news girl, Chimera. In fact, the way he usually cancels is by showing up 5 minutes before the broadcast is scheduled and telling me, his cohost, that he has other things to do. I was fine with it. A little annoyed, but fine. He has no consideration for the show prep that both Chimera and I have done, of course this is besides the point. I missed a January show because my girlfriend was visiting and she was sick. I gave a days notice, yet Ryan decided to show up, do the show on his own and to top it off, started bashing and badmouthing me for missing 1 show. That's right, after missing 2 of the previous shows himself with no notice, he thought it would be "funny" (in his words) to bash me for 30 minutes straight because I'm "irresponsible". This is the same man who cancelled a show because he had "gifts to wrap" (in his own words). After I pulled the broadcast off the station, he said he quit. That is the short story. I didn't fire him, nor even mention the word. So if anyone believes so now, that is a lie. Ryan say's he want's do to a show on our station on his own (without me as a cohost). That's his decision. It is also my decision not to allow Republican propaganda on my station. He is fully in his right to go and spread lies at other stations without challenge, but he will not do so at my station. That my friends is the whole story. We will discuss this further with anyone who wishes to call into the Shock N' Awe show, with my new cohost Gabe, starting next Wednesday during Patriotism & Sedition's old time slot.

Thank You.
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Old 01-14-2005
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Rejoice without to much joice

Well well well... Thats interesting, no suprise though. Im ready for some good'ol light hearted Ryan bashing. :P Just so this is all about me, I would like to ensure all of you that we have enough positions for all. Simply apply early, I know now that Ryan is gone the flood of people may be unbearable but I asure you that we can the power to support you all. So sign up today!
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